Saturday, 11 November 2017

Clash With Nyesom Wike:Rotimi Amaechi Narrates His Own Side Of The Story

Minister of Transport Rotimi Amaechi has given his own side of the story on his clash with Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State in Port Harcourt today..According to him,he was coming from the airport and typically, he leads the convoy. Thus, when he got to the Trans Amadi intersection, two of his vehicles - police and DSS - moved ahead of him to stop other vehicles to pave the right of way for him as they are wont to do. This, the two vehicles did successfully and proceeded. As Amaechi moved to join them and continue, a dispatch rider appeared from nowhere, blocked him and hit his window repeatedly, thinking it was an ordinary vehicle. Realising it was bulletproof, he succeeded in breaking the mirror on his side.
At that point, Amaechi's aides rushed down and surprisingly, did nothing but resolved the situation before it degenerated further. Amaechi said attempt by him to come out of the car was rebuffed by his aides. He said as he eventually left the scene, he was shocked to learn later that Wike's convoy blocked the last security vehicle in his fleet, dragged out the policeman in it, beat up to a pulp and seized his gun. He said if he knew Wike's convoy was coming, he would have parked and let him go because he knew he'd always wanted to make trouble where none exists. Already, the state police command is said to have arrested those who attacked the minister and the gun returned to the molested officer.

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