Sunday, 12 November 2017

Airline Pilot Killed By Hit And Run Driver

An airline Pilot has been killed by a hit and run driver.This was how Nigeria's song bird Veno Marioghae Mbanefo narrated the story on her facebook page

"The Bible says that good men die and no one questions why, but it is to save them from the evil days to come. I lost my amazing cousin, Captain Samson Marioghae, just yesterday. But for God's mercies, my brother, Majovo, who was with him, would have gone too.

We, as a family, loved Samson to no end. He was witty, caring, funny, always with a laugh, as is common with my family. Samson died because a bus driver lost control and rammed into him as they fixed something in his car by the side of the road.

Un every part of this country, these mobile death traps called buses, continue to claim worthy lives because of people who should not be allowed to drive, irresponsible bus/truck owners who keep "managing" vehicles without brakes, with some of them almost suffocating people with the smoke they belch out, and law enforcement officers who turn a very blind eye once they are settled. These drivers know that their tyres have no threads anymore and their lights are burnt and broken, yet, they are the ones that speed as if they are on a race track. They beat the red light and flout every known traffic rule.

And no one in authority has bothered to take decisive steps to protect the lives of people like my cousin. And the cost of that nonchalance and turning the blind eye, is the grief that other Nigerian families like mine are going through now. May God put fire in the conscience of some people and give them no sleep until they do what is right!"

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