Vietnam Police Detained Nigerian For Raping 23yr Old German Woman

Police in Saigon,Vietnam have detained a 33 year old Nigerian man Akachukwu Donald for allegedly raping a 23 year old German woman at his apartment.
Officers in Nha Be District handed over custody of Akachukwu to the city police for further investigation on Thursday, October 12.

The woman said she is in Vietnam on vacation and met the Nigerian on Bui Vien, the city’s backpacker street in District 1.

He invited her home and forcefully raped her last Saturday night, she claims. She said she left the apartment immediately after the assault and filed a complaint with help from a local woman.

Some people in the building also said they believed she had been sexually assaulted. According to local media, the case has received widespread media coverage and drawn mixed opinions

"Before a verdict has even been reached, readers, both foreign and locals, have criticized the German for not protecting herself and jumping on board with a stranger so fast." reports VN International.

Convicted rapists can receive anything from two years in jail to the death sentence in Vietnam, depending on the seriousness of the attack and the damage caused to the victim.

The German provided test results that found sperm in her vagina, but the accused Nigerian said they had consensual sex.

No developments on the case have been reported thus far.
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