Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Nigerian Problem Now Is Not Restructuring...APC National Legal Adviser

Poverty and lack of enlightenment are major problems that require urgent attention in Nigeria, rather than the clamour for the country’s restructuring.
That is a standpoint of the National Legal Adviser of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Muiz Banire.
Banire made the assertion on the sidelines of an Independence Day Anniversary programme organised by the Lagos State chapters of the Buhari Youth Organisation (BYO) and National Orientation Agency (NOA) in Lagos.

He called for right representation of people to end agitations, adding that Nigerians should also learn to ask questions from their representatives at various levels.
According to him, people agitate only when they feel offended and deprived, but the solution for deprivation does not lie in restructuring.

The APC stalwart said: 
"If you split today, some people in the split group will still rise up later to agitate for one thing or the other.

"It does not solve our problems. What matters is that we must be happy, and to be happy, it means we must enjoy equal opportunity under this system.

"It is deprivation and hunger that are causing problems facing the country today. When we eliminate all inequalities, everybody will be happy with the system. "When hunger is taken care of, most of the issues threatening our unity will go".

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