Remaining Chibok Girls With Shekau In Sambisa Forest - Gov Shettima

The Governor of Borno State, Kashim Shettima in  a recent interview, has said that there is a good chance that the remaining Chibok school girls who are still in captivity can be found in the Sambisa Forest.

According to Governor Shettima, the chances of rescuing all the remaining girls at once is slim and that he believes that a substantial amount of the girls are in Sambisa.

"The last time they were picked, they were picked from the banky axis. So probably, for those of them that are under the custody of Shekau, they may be deep in the boil of the Sambisa forest. That is my own opinion.

For those of them that are with other groups that are dispersed in the Lake Chad region, and in other parts of the state, I don’t think all of them can be got at once. But I believe that those under the custody of Shekau, I believe a substantial number of them can be found in the Sambisa forest" he said.

Continuing, the governor said, “The Boko Haram are there in the Sambisa forest, I am not disputing that fact. The Boko Haram are scattered in almost all parts of the state. But they no longer have the strength to hold onto any territory in Nigeria.

The Boko Haram rolled discussions worth $9Bn in the North East. Borno accounts over $5.6Bbn worth of destruction. The Boko Haram destroyed a total of 900k units of houses in Borno making 30 percent of the total stock of houses' he said
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