President Buhari Has Taken The Right Decisions On Ex Pension Boss Maina ... Gov Shettima

Some Nigerians may be unhappy with the President Muhammadu Buhari administration for different reasons but the governor of Borno state maintains Buhari remains a man of impeccable credentials.

The Buhari-led federal government is facing scrutiny over the reinstatement of wanted former chairman of the Presidential Task Force Team on Pension Reforms, Abdulrasheed Maina, into the civil service.

But the President had since ordered the immediate dismissal of Maina. Maina was reported to have returned to the country following his purported recalling and promotion by the federal government.

The former Pension boss was dismissed in 2013 by the Federal Civil Service Commission over accusation of massive pension fraud scheme amounting to more than N100billion.

"No matter what you will accuse Buhari of, nobody can accuse Buhari of corruption,” governor Kashim Shettima said. "He’s a stabilising factor in this country, he’s a man of impeccable credentials.
“The nation truly needs the wisdom, the integrity, the commitment of the likes of Buhari but believe me, whatever decision he takes, we are solidly behind him.”

Speaking on the call for Nigeria’s political restructuring, the Borno state governor said, “Restructuring my foot; let’s restructure our minds, let’s restructure our quality of governance.

When people are talking of artificial intelligence, when others are talking of robotics engineering of nanotechnology, we are talking of restructuring the federation; our problem is not an issue of devolution of powers, let’s be very honest.

“Our problem, as Chinua Achebe rightly encapsulated, is largely that of leadership. Leadership that will put the nation first is much more important than restructuring the nation. Let’s restructure our minds. Let’s restructure our quality of leadership.”

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