Monday, 2 October 2017

Independence Speech:Buhari Missed A Golden Opportunity To Address South East Issues...Group

A group in the eastern part of Nigeria has condemned President Muhammadu Buhari's Independence Day speech.
In its reaction to Buhari’s national address, the group, the Eastern Consultative Assembly said,“The President has finally confirmed to all and sundry, that he is light years behind global trends and far away from the political reality of the Nigerian situation.”
This was contained in a statement, made available to CKN News, "Secretary of ECA Elliot Ugochukwu-Uko said, “This is exactly what happens when a leader surrounds himself only with his kinsmen.
They erroneously mistake their sectional worldview as the national interest. "General Buhari has clearly misread the resolve of the younger generation to change their lot, in Nigeria through any means necessary.
"His sectional kitchen cabinet is obviously living in an ancient world where the fear of the inevitable restructuring forced them to take solace inside the cocoon of an outdated, unrealistic northern daydream of forcing Nigerians to head to a national assembly which was created by a discredited military constitution.
"The obstinacy of those scared of the inevitable new people’s constitution, regional autonomy, and true fiscal federalism gave birth to the agitation for secession, this same obstinacy will ultimately destroy Nigeria.
"General Buhari has missed a golden opportunity to constitute an eminent citizens council that would drive the constituent assembly that will save Nigeria. As the agitation rebounds and resurges, time will unveil the price we all will pay for delaying the return of Nigeria back to regional format.
"Those currently advising President Buhari to hold onto the status quo will soon realise that it is impossible to save this unworkable unitary structure through constitutional amendments. The reality on ground is lost on Gen Buhari and his advisers. Quite unfortunate.”

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