Monday, 2 October 2017

I Cannot Stay Without Having Sex In A Day..15 Year Old Girl Confesses

A 15 year old Nigerian girl (Named Withheld) has confessed that, unless, she had sex, she can not survive each day.
The girl who is still in her puberty stage said, she is not normal, until, she sleeps with a man.
"Teens and minors who are still supposed to be under the tutelage of their parents have turned the tables around and they have in turn learnt what grownups do in closet. In fact, for most teenagers, virginity is no longer honourable.
Social occurrences, which would have been shocking enough to command hard moral chastisement decades ago, are now becoming the usual. For instance, a 15 year old girl (name withheld), who had barely been into her puberty, was already sexually active and would stop at nothing to get sexually satisfied for a day.
In fact, she was the one to invite the man to sleep with her and provide the venue for the acts! While confessing to her custodianparents, somewhere in Erunwen, a quiet neighborhood, off Ota-Ona in Ikorodu, Lagos; she said she engaged in sexual act with a 17 year old boy at an uncompleted building nearby the house.

Going by her confession, she was able to carry out her intention when she was sent on errand at 5p.m. and she got back by 8p.m.
Furious and determined to deal with the girl’s partner, her custodian asked that she lead them to the teenage boy with whom she committed the acts. They were shocked at the boy’s simplicity of owing up to the act. According to Ridwan, the girl’s partner, she approached and begged him to sleep with her.

"She approached me that she likes me and actually led me to the uncompleted building where we both did it!” He revealed. During an interactive session with New Telegraph, the young girl confessed that night’s affair was her third time.
Her custodians were disappointed and horrified to the marrows.“I planned to send her back to Ondo last week Friday but her parents begged me not to do so,” dejected Mr. Jacobs, the girl’s custodian said.
According to him, the girl gave no slight suspicion she was sexually active and perverted. Ayomide Dogba, 16, another teenage girl brought from the village, somewhere in Osun state to Lagos to come rewrite WASSCE. But on getting to Lagos, in less than two months, she showed her real colour of being overly sexually active.

Dogba told New Telegraph that she is not normal if she does not sleep with a man a day. Dogba’s aunt, Kemi Adejulugbe , a bank official, was horrified when her cousin confessed unashamedly to her that she urged her husband teenage brother, Samson who was living with him at the time, into a sexual relation.

This, the aunt said was because she was not allowed to go out for a day. "When I questioned her, to be sure that she wasn’t raped because she looked very innocent, she was bold to reply me that she actually enjoyed it and that it wasn’t painful at all.

I felt like the ground should open and let me hide myself inside,” she said. For Adejulugbe, the young ones coming from the villages are not proper sensitised about the dreams and future ahead of them. Parental roles matter too, according to her.
Source :New Telegraph

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