Friday, 6 October 2017

Federal High Court Redeploys 10 Judges

The Federal High Court has annouced the redeployment of 10 Federal HighCourt Judges.

The affected judges include

1. Hon Justice S Saidu from Port harcourt to Lagos
2. Hon Justice B.B Aliyu from Yola to Portharcourt
3. Hon Justice I.M Sani from Lokoja to Uyo
4. Hon Justice I.L Ojukwu from Uyo to Abuja
5. Hon Justice D.U Okoronkwo from Ekiti to Lokoja
6. Hon Justice Agamah from Portharcourt to Ekiti
7. Hon Justice F.O Giwa-Ogunganjo From Abeokuta to Port Harcourt
8. Hon Justice Adamu Turaki Mohammede- Portharcourt to Abeokuta
9. Hon Justice A.M.Z Anka from Lagos to Yola
10. Hon Justice Ibrahim Watila from Portharcourt to Abeokuta

The affected judges are expected to resume in their new divisions by October  23rd, 2017. The judges shall continue with the hearing of criminal cases currently before them, as well if  least two witnesses have testified."

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