Tuesday, 3 October 2017

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: I Can't Marry An Older Woman .... Ex Mr Nigeria,Emmanuel Ikubueze

One time Mr Nigeria, Emmanuel Ikubueze, who was recently appointed UN ambassador, has sat down with CKN News assistant editor, Abiola Alaba Peters, to discuss a number of issues, concerning his person, brand and the nation in general.  Read Excepts from the interview below
CKN NEWS: You are in the new season of Shuga, how do you feel?
Being on the new season of Shiga has been great,it's been a total new season and the first season we are shooting in South Africa. it's a good experience working with lot of South Africans, the story lines were great the cast and crew were wonderful and the message that comes with this Shuga was really intensifies, it's a big one for me.

CKN NEWS: You've really been doing great jobs, what has been your staying power?

it been God all the way, it's been the grave of God. I thank God for his grace and the power to carry on, I thank God also for the talents, I also want to thank God for putting me in the face of the peoples that believes in my talent. from Shuga, I am doing a job that is called 'Flat Mate' on Africa Magic Showcase with the likes of Basketmouth, Yaw, Buchi, Okay Bakassi, it's an amazing feelings. it is on of the biggest comedy show on TV. I am happy doing it because slot of times I found myself doing   drama and playing a different character, either I am playing a play boy rule or a love story I have always wanted to do comedy just to show my versatile side as an actor and I am grateful to God for getting such a platform.

CKN NEWS: Aside acting which you are doing pretty well what other side of you do you wish to explore?

I have my foundation and I also have a campaign that I am running against Violence and Domestic Abuse against women.
How is that doing?

So far so good it is doing well it's just that we have couple of challenges looking for foundation and grants to make as much impact as we really want to make. o am glad because we have seen a lot of people come out on issues like this that is what I want for people to come out and speak, so weather it is coming feome or not, I am happy that people are speaking out against this ugly issue called Domestic Violence. so because of that, we have short films we are doing because of it.
CKN NEWS: Of all the future films you've done in years, which would you consider as the most challenging of all?

That should be the movie 'Fifty' because I had to go way out of my lane to really portray a certain character, it was really challenging, but I enjoyed doing it, I don't regret doing it.
CKN NEWS: Did your rule in Fifty really changed anything about you?

Nothing, it was a rule I had to play as an actor.
CKN NEWS: They is a speculation that the character you played kind of tell who you are?

Well, that means I did a good job there. that is the problem with people, when you do a good job and played a certain character well, people tends to mistake that character for you, they should understand that you are just an actor. I have played several characters, why didn't they attribute that character to me, in Flatmate, I played the role of a Scammer, why didn't they say I am a Scammer in reality. I am an actor, I am paid to do a job and bring life to a character, so whatever character I am paid to do, I make sure I give my hundred percent to it to give it life, but it has totally nothing with my perstonality or who I am at all.
CKN NEWS: Being an advocate for peace with women, when it's comes to love and relationships, how would you describe yourself?

I am a family oriented person ofcuase, I believe in relationship, I believe in love, I believe in family and all, that is the background I came from, I have one of the most wonderful parents anybody can ask for and I've got a wonderful siblings too, so I do believe in love.
CKN NEWS: That means you've falling in love?
(laughing) well, at some point we have all falling in love.
CKN NEWS: What's the most craziest thing you've ever done for love?
I have done lots of crazy thing for love, I really can't place it right now. one is traveling a very far distance to see the person I loved.
CKN NEWS: What will ever make you hit a woman?
I really don't know, I don't wait till I get to that particular point, I don't think I can do that, when I see it has gotten to a point where I can't take some things, I'd rather step out and take a break off and when everything is fine we can then talk properly, so I really can't say what my breaking point will be.
CKN NEWS: The scene you played with Iretiola Doyle, did it's affect you any anyway?

I said it earlier, i play a character and I give it my hundred percent, it's doesn't matter who I played it with, weather it is Iretiola, Beyonce or whoever it is, I have been giving a script and my duty is to bring complete life to it, acting is make-believe, you have to do it to a point that people would see it and say, this is what is it and that is what I do in every point in time that I have the opportunity to it, so whoever it is, I will have to do what I have to do. whatever I do must be related to the story.
CKN NEWS: What's your criteria for true Love?

I really can't say, it's depends, sometimes love just happened, something it's just because the way the person talks or walks and eat and sometimes it's the way to person looks at that particular point, and sometimes it's just by having a conversation with the person, so I just can't tell.
CKN NEWS: On that note,can you date or marry and older woman?

I really haven't thought about it that way, but no, I don't think I can, but age shouldn't be a criteria for people to be together.
CKN NEWS: Before taking up a script for a job, what are those things you look out for?

I look out for the story line, I don't just jump on a script, I turn down scripts a lot, I am always interested in the story line, I'd like to see if it's impactful, if it's interesting, what character are my playing and yes the Money (laughing)
CKN NEWS: What has fame changed about you?

Absolutely nothing, I am still EMMANUEL, nothing has changed about me, it's just that when you are in public and you just realised that there are so many eyes on you, bit still, I am still EMMANUEL.
CKN NEWS: What is fashion to you?

Fashion vis what you are comfortable in what you are wearing.
CKN NEWS: Your favorite perfume?

CKN NEWS: Jewelries?

I love wristwatches
CKN NEWS: How do you relax?

I love to watch movies and play video games,read and cook too.
CKN NEWS: Your crush?

The previous MBGN Nnwadike but I am sure she doesn't know in fact I want her to know, let the world know.
CKN NEWS: How much time do you spend with your family?

Well, I try as much as I can, I travel a lot but I still find time to spend with them, like I told you, I am a family oriented person. they are my backbone anytime I see them, we catch up with old times and they pray for me and that is what has been keeping me going, my mum is a fan of my job, she goes to see any of my movie in the cinema and she watches my newest job.

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