CKN Exclusive:Billionaire Kidnapper Evans Offered My Officers N200m Bribe When Arrested...ACP Abba Kyari

Abba Kyari on the left with Evans after capture
The Head of the Police IRT Unit that captured billionaire kidnapper Evans, ACP Abba Kyari has revealed how his squad was offered a bribe of N200m by the Kidnapper when he was captured by his officers.

Abba Kyari who personally led the operation to arrest the multimillionaire kidnapper made this revelation yesterday while reacting to an allegation made by the lawyer to Evans that the Nigerian Police extorted N50m from the kidnapping kingpin. 

This was the reaction of Abba Kyari on CKN News Facebook page during the debate on how true the allegations were.

"All lies from this Criminal and Hungry Lawyer who is desperate to eat from Evans loot. My brother Everything Recovered from Evans kidnapper have been Registered as Exhibit because it's bought frm the Ransom money he collected from Innocent Nigerians he Kidnapped and Court will eventually decide on all the Houses and other properties Recovered. 

Most of the things Recovered like the Trucks, Handsets, Jewelries, Houses, Cars etc are mentioned to the Press and carried by many Major newspapers in the past and u can google to verify. The Criminal Lawyer is even Implicating his Client the more by Reminding the Public of the Proceeds his kidnapper Client acquired frm the Ransoms he collected. 

I was Surprised He was also talking about 50m Cash recovered, How, Where and When? We have Written and Video Confessions of Evans Mentioning The Properties, Cars, Houses etc he acquired from the Ransom monies he has collected and most are recovered and Since Evans didn't mention the 50m to us the lawyer most know where it's kept. 

We know what to do on all this lies he is talking, There are Laws in this Country. He Thinks he can lie to ridicule the Uncompromising team that Arrested the most Notorious Kidnapper in Nigeria Evans, Same team that Refused to Collect 200million Evans Offered the moment he was arrested pledging that he can Make Calls for 200m to be brought in 48hrs if he can be released without anybody knowing. 

Same team refused the Offer and arrested him and exposed him to the Public. Wether the Criminal and his Lawyer likes it or not Recovery of Evans loots will Continue as the Criminal Lawyer is not happy with very Recent Recoveries of Trucks and Some part of Ransom Money. 

The Money and the Proceeds belongs to the Victims he Kidnapped and Collected their money not Evans. No need to talk too much bro. We will not relent and we know what to do. Many thanks my brother."
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