Buhari Remains The Candidate To Beat In 2019..Yahaya Bello

Buhari And Yahaya Bello
Kogi State Governor, Alh. Yahaya Bello has reiterated the determination of the people of the state and Nigerians in general to ensure President Muhammadu Buhari continues his “good work for the nation beyond 2015”.

Addressing a cross section of the media in Abuja, Bello said President Muhammadu Buhari remains the “unbeatable candidate for the APC”. “We are a Democratic Party who will do everything within the ambience of the rule of law. But we cannot forget that our party has the most respected, the most popular and the most incorrigible material in the person of President Muhammadu Buhari.

“All over the world, his name represents anti-corruption, transparency and good governance. We cannot jettison such a global brand. “It is true that many people are concerned about his health.

President Buhari is now fit to continue to unsettle the forces of corruption who think four years are enough for people to forget the pains their corruption brought on our people. “People who love Nigeria will definitely want Mr. President to continue. His second term will help strengthen our institutions of governance and assure our nation of a greater tomorrow”.

Bello urged APC leaders to speak with one voice and remain united in order to continue to push the nation toward greatness. “Ambitions are normal in politics. But the Nigerian project is far more important than the interest of individuals. Our party leaders will continue to act in unison for the prosperity of Nigeria”.

The Governor urged for “understanding” over the President’s call for development attention in the North-East, saying it is a normal “post-war advocacy”. “The insurgency and the war against the enemies of our nation really devastated the North-East. A good number of schools and other public institutions were destroyed. It is therefore not out of place for the President to call on the World Bank to help rebuild the battered region.

“President Muhammadu Buhari is not a sectional leader. He would have done same for any battered region in Nigeria. Leaders of influence must continue to promote speeches that will enhance our unity rather than divide us”
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