Acho Obioma: Let’s talk About Ariam-Usaka Ring Road and 90% Contract Sum You Collected...Ikechukwu Iroha

It is very unfortunate that telling lies and propaganda is what APC and her members are known for in Nigeria. Only God knows who will deliver them from this malignancy that is more infectious than Ebola and multiplies uncontrollably among even new APC members to deform them once they join the party.

When you travel from Umuahia to Akwa Ibom State through Ikot Ekpene road you will see a billboard announcing the contract awarded to Chomen Construction company for the construction of Ariam-Usaka Ring Road, Ikwuano.

That project was awarded to the company belonging to former member of the federal house of representative, Mr Iheanacho Obioma, who is now an APC Chieftain in Abia State.

The road project was abandoned after "honorable" Obioma collected more than 90% of the total contract sum from a previous administration in the state.

Many more abandoned projects by Chomen litter Abia Central Senatorial zone including even projects he recently collected mobilization payments from the Ikpeazu administration and vowed to complete but have failed to do so to date. The same man uses Chomen Nigeria Limited and Worldwide Investment Limited to operate in Abia State.

The worst part is that since 1999 Acho Obioma and his Chomen Nigeria Limited have been actively involved in sabotaging road construction works around Umuahia through legal subterfuge.  The company collects road construction contracts from the state government, gets mobilization fees of more than 50%, install signboards then abandon the road. When a new government emerges and attempts to re-award the contract to a new company Chomen will quickly rush to court and obtain an injunction to prevent the new contractor and the government from working for the people of the area.

More than 15 road projects previously awarded to Acho Obioma's Chomen Nigeria Ltd are currently tied in courts and whole common folks are suffering he is busy building gigantic structures at Abuja with their money.

When political jobbers like Obioma Iheanocho talk about a "performing" government they are simply talking about a government that pays them their personal "entitlements" as against the general wellbeing of the people.

I challenge Obioma Iheanacho to point to one single project his company, Chomen Nigeria Limited, completed in Abia State and delivered that is still standing to date. If he fails to do that I will seek information from the Abia State Ministry of Works and share with the world how much he has siphoned from the state's lean purse over the years with nothing to show.

The reality in Abia State is that once the public funds draining pipe of a politician with entitlement mentality is unplugged from the treasury of the state he becomes a lover of the people seeking their good. We have seen that happen over and over again.

Obviously the Ikpeazu administration have unplugged Ihenacho Obioma's looting pipe and he is angry and seeking attention.

Serves him right.

If in the past 16 years Mr Obioma never complained of nepotism even while Aba, the commercial capital of Abia State, was rotting away he has lost the right to sit in judgement against the two year old administration of Governor Ikpeazu that is spreading development across the state.

For the avoidance of doubt, the same Obioma who alleged nepotism acknowledged that Arab Contractors, a grade A construction company, is working along Aba road in Umuahia. A massive drainage construction work has been concluded along that key road and portions of the road have already been asphalted. Work is ongoing even as Mr Obioma was granting his interview to Vanguard Newspaper and Abians are free to visit the project site to confirm.

If indeed Arab Contractors have only been paid N1b for all they work they have done along Aba road Umuahia and they delivered as much as they have done, then Mr Obioma of Chomen Nigeria Limited should answer to Abians on what he has done with the money paid to him for Ariam-Usaka Ikwuano ring road. Did he also share the money with his APC friends at Abuja?

Checks at the state ministry of works confirm that the total cost of the work being done by Arab Contractors along Aba road Umuahia is less than N1b. Acho Obioma is merely throwing fake figures around like a typical monkey pox politician of APC fold.

The same Ikpeazu administration has delivered Road 2 at world bank Umuahia, worked on Umuwaya road, Kaduna Street, Awolowo road, Bank road and many others in Umuahia. Governor Ikpeazu recently funded contractors to commence work at Agbama in Umuahia and has commissioned the by-pass at Ohuhu area in addition to working on the erosion site at Isingwu Umuahia.

All those are in addition to ongoing work at Abia north including Abiriba-Nkporo road, Abiriba ring road, Nkpa road, Idima Abam and Ndi Okereke roads leading to Arochukwu etc.
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