Tuesday, 12 September 2017

I Will Do A Better Job Fighting Corruption Than Buhari...Atiku Abubakar

Atiku Abubakar
Ex - Vice-President Atiku Abubakar on Monday unofficially announced his intention to run for the presidency on Monday.

Atiku, in a statement released by his media office, stated that he would combat the menace that corruption is better than the incumbent, President Muhammadu Buhari.

“I will shock everyone because I believe that I will fight corruption like never before,” he said.

The former vice president said this while doing a facility tour of the ultra-modern Yallam Press Limited, Jabi, according to the statement.

He challenged those who have constantly accused him of being corrupt to come forward with concrete evidence to back their claims up.

The former Vice-President said, “It is sickening to continue to regurgitate allegations of corruption against me by people who have failed to come forward with a single shred of evidence of my misconduct while in office.”

He attributed this recourse to mere accusations to the inability of people to come to terms with a building himself without stealing as they “are bereft of ideas about entrepreneurial spirit” thinking others are thieves like them.

Pointing to the William Jefferson trial in the US which ended in 2009, the presidential hopeful said his non-conviction, even though many tried to link him to it, is a clear sign of his stance on corruption.

Added to these is his unblemished record while an employee of the Nigerian Customs.

He said, “If Atiku is a thief merely because of his resourcefulness and successful investments, my political enemies should tell Nigerians the sources of their own stupendous wealth.”

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