Nnamdi Kanu Using IPOB To Siphon Money From Igbos...APA Chieftain

 A chieftain of the All Progressives Alliance and National Coordinator of Initiative for Demonstrating Change in Nigeria, Comrade Chinaedu Ogah yesterday alleged that Nnamdi Kanu is using his so-called IPOB to siphon money from different categories of Nigerians.

Addressing journalists in Abakaliki, Ogah allied himself with Mr. President verdict that said the unity of the country is not negotiable, insisting that those agitating for Biafra only want to destabilised the Nation only for selfish gain.

He accused Kanu of using IPOB to siphon money from people saying that must of the people working with him are touts and unemployed youths.

While believing in one Nigeria, Comrade Ogah insited that Ndi-Igbo are not marginalized rather we are the ones marginalizing ourselves noting that realization of the sovereign state of Biafra is a mirage and not feasible in a country like Nigeria.
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