Saturday, 9 September 2017

Goodluck Jonathan Address Over 700 Young Leaders In Malaysia

Goodluck Jonathan

Immediate past Nigerian President, Goodluck Jonathan, believes conflicts will reduce if world leaders met their social obligations to people they govern.

He made this known in a key note address entitled: “Conscience Based Leadership: The Secret to Global Peace and Security” which he delivered at a World Summit in Kuching, Malaysia.

The Summit was attended by 700 young leaders from 102 countries.

It was jointly put together by the State of Sarawak and Junior Chamber International.

Emphasising that conscience builds a society while ego destroys it, Jonathan said:

"The best leadership flows from inspiration and not from power or force of arms. You can only inspire people when your leadership is governed by your conscience and the support of the led.

“Power centric leadership is ego based. Looking at human history in the last 100 years, you would notice that ego-based leadership has brought untold hardship to humanity and set us back decades.

“On the contrary, conscience-based leadership has again and again, been shown to be the only type of leadership that can engender world peace, progress and unity.

“If anything, this colossal effort which is directed at fighting already lit fires, should tell us where to place our priorities.

That would be concentrating our efforts on those deliveries that make our people human, keep them safe and cater to their happiness, rather than spending so much, just to show our might"

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