You Can't Hold A Man With Pregnancy - 2face's Ex, Sumbo

One of 2face's ex, Sumbo and mother of his two sons, Nino and Zion, has adviced women, that, no matter what, pregnancy is not enough and can never make a man stay with them.

This according to her, was from experience, She asked women to zip up and always wait to have kids in marriage so they do not regret it. She spoke to women who are in the habit of giving their body the wrongs men, deliberately so as to hold them down.

In a video she shared on Facebook yesterday, Sumbo addressed women who feel so bitter about their experiences with men. She advised women to move on and stop looking back at their past decisions that turned out to be wrong for them. She asked women to always look at the positive side of their past experiences.

"Have you met people that someone just wrong's them and they go on and on and on about it and you wonder like is that all the person did? Oh yes the person said he loves you and got you pregnant and now you have a baby out of wedlock and you say the person is bad? Let me tell you.

No man can make you a mother. you are the one who can make a man a father. If you chose not to make a man a father, then he would not be a father. So please sisters, zip up so that you don't regret it. Zip up until marriage.

I am speaking from my own personal experience. A baby will never make a man stick with you. Take that from me" she said.

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