Why We Want To Recall Senator Ben Murray Bruce ..Aggrieved Constituency

Constituents of Bayelsa East Senatorial District, have threatened to begin a recall process for Senator Ben Murray-Bruce who represents them for what they termed his non-performance in the senate.

The aggrieved constituents who are mostly students drawn from Nembe, Brass and Ogbia local government areas of Bayelsa State, accused the senator of not having any plans that would better their lives.

In a statement released by their leaders, Samuel Tari (Nembe), Ambrose Joseph (Brass) and Mark John (Ogbia), the aggrieved constituents alleged that Senator Ben Murray Bruce who is dubbed the common sense senator, has no relationship with them and has over the years, failed to meet his constituency obligations.

The statement in part reads“Since Bruce became a senator, he has failed to look into the basic needs and challenges currently bedeviling the East Senatorial Districts, such as issues of education, as most of our students cannot access good quality education.

He has failed to attract a single project to the districts in terms of infrastructures, roads, and others. 

He has continuously and deliberately ignored efforts by the people to create a working relationship that will bring out purposeful leadership for our people.

He is yet to fulfil any of his campaign promises; painfully, he is an Abuja-based senator. He refuses to visit his constituency, except only once when he visited his hometown and couldn't even stay for up to four hours. Sincerely, we are tired; other places are enjoying the benefits that come from having a national representative.

Our case has been a curse rather than a blessing. We are just like a district without a senator. This why we are intended to change that narrative.
The student leaders gave the senator a 10-day ultimatum, to amend his ways or face consistent protest and the recall process. Senator Ben Murray-Bruce is yet to react to this development.
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