Why I Pray For Women Naked ..CAC Pastor..Says God Answers Prayers Faster When Naked

A woman, Mrs. Omotola Akerele, has alleged that a pastor, Mathew Olakunle, had sex with her when she was undergoing spiritual healing in his church, adding that the intercourse resulted in pregnancy.

Olakunle, who was the head of the Christ Apostolic Church , Oke Itura, in Iju town, in the Akure North Local Government Area of Ondo State, was allegedly fond of praying for women in the church without their clothes on

A 32 year old married woman, Omotola who narrated her ordeal on a radio station, in Ondo state, said, her mother who was a member of the church, introduced her to the pastor when she was battling with severe cough.

Omotola, an indigene of the town, said after the intercourse with the pastor, she became pregnant, adding that she aborted the pregnancy without telling her husband about it.

She said,“I had severe cough and my mother took me to Pastor Olakunle Mathew for prayer.“After praying for me, he said I needed a shaving stick and a handkerchief to perform the spiritual exercise, which I took to him.

"The pastor told me that he wanted to use my pubic hair to perform some spiritual work that would solve my spiritual problem.

"On the night of the first day that we got there , he asked me to put off my clothes in the presence of my mother to pray for me in the mission house.

"After that day, he often asked me to come for deliverance and whenever I got there, he would ask me to remove my clothes and lie on a bed. While also naked, he would lie on me and start praying for me.

"On the seventh day, he shaved the hair on my private parts and armpits, and put the hair in the white handkerchief. After that, we had sexual intercourse. After the intercourse, he asked me to go and bury the hair in the handkerchief”

Omotola added that a month after the incident, she was pregnant and aborted it. She said when her husband got to know about it, he sent her out of her matrimonial home.

The pastor admitted praying for women in the church naked, adding that God answered the prayer of naked people faster.

He explained that Omotola's case was a spiritual attack and she agreed to undergo the spiritual exercise performed on her in the church.

Olakunle, who said he had been transferred by the C .A .C . to another branch of the church in Ilorin, Kwara State, however, denied having sexual intercourse with Omotola.

He also denied impregnating her. He, however, admitted to having sexual relationship with her younger sister twice and had prayed for their mother too while naked.

He said,“On the third day of the spiritual programme, I shaved the hair of her private parts and I touched it (her private parts) with my sexual organ. I told her to be using my organ to rub her private parts so that she could discharge.

'After that, I wiped the discharge of her private parts with the white handkerchief and I prayed for her, using Psalm 24.

"After the exercise, I asked her to go and bury the handkerchief in a bush. I asked her to call her husband to do it for her, but she refused. That was why I did it for her; I didn't have sex with her"
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