EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: I Have Forgiven Timaya Timaya - Producer K-Solo

Ace Nigerian music producer, singer cum music entrepreneur, Solomon Oyeniyi, popularly known as K-Solo came into the Nigerian music scene 12 years ago. Ever since, he has continue to impress music lovers with his unique way of singing and producing. K-Solo recently Sat with CKN News for a one on one interview at the Inter-Continental hotels for an interesting and long chat.

Let me start with your your first marriage, which ended bitterly. Do you have any regrets?

"What happened to me has made me feel bad. Coupled with the fact that I was born into a Christian home and my father never had two wives. He didn’t have any children outside wedlock and this has made me feel bad. At that stage in my life, I sought counseling and I was made to realise that these things are meant to happen to you because of who you are. Controversies also trail  legendary musicians like King Sunny Ade and it could have affected his career if it happened during this social media era. The advent of social media has not really helped matters"
What did you learn from the experience?

"K-Solo: It has taught me to be myself and I also got to know who my real friends are. When I had problems with my ex-wife and settled eventually she showed me emails of people who sent her numbers of people to grant interview to further fuel our issues. But, at the end of the day we settled and this taught me to watch the people whom I call my friends .The entire incident has actually made me stronger"
So are you still married to your second wife?

"Yes, I am married to a Cameroonian and we have a lovely son and everything is fine with us"

Since you have settled with your ex-wife, are you too still in touch?

"No we are not in touch, I actually broke the communication ties with her. She has a child for me who is being taken care of by my family. She is the only one I had an agreement with and that is what I want"

Let's go to your Hustle and career? How is the year going for you?

"Well, 2917 hasn't been bad, it's been good so far from the home front, as much as we had so much Recession earlier this year, people thought it was never going to be over, but for me. like I always tell people, if you don't cut your coat according to your material, so in all, I am grateful to God for everything"
What's been happening to K-Solo, you've really gone Solo?

"(laughing)the truth is this, there's a particular time in your life that that you look back at what fame has done for you and what it has actually actractted your packet. I did an analysis of myself and I found out that there were so many noise that was attracted to me and at the end of the day, I hardly go to the bank, I just looked at myself and I had to do a remap for myself and Said, it's time to go more to the bank than these noise that is coming to me. 

Although I have been working, I've been doing more of commercial jobs and artistes jobs too, but you Know, I have not been doing Major not because I don't want to do, but I've actually put the price on my job. for example, alot of people always ask of Don'jazzy works everyday, bit you know, people really do not see his jobs, he does more of his Artistes job, if not because he has a label you probably be seeing a Don Jazzy like me now like he doesn't work but he dose more of his Artiste job. I think people didn't hear of me again that's after I stopped working with Timaya at a particular time, alot of people were hearing Timaya and not hearing the KSolo production behind it that's why people didn't know I'm working. so many press and media person have lots their integrity for peanuts. the truth is, people find it very difficult to put new artistes out now. so many artistes have good songs but he point is, there's nobody to help bring their song out" 

Are you trying to say that the media is not really do well in the entertainment industry of today?
"The media is doing very well, but they are not doing very well to the point of helping new brands, it's new brands that makes our industry so sweet. when everyday you read about Timaya, Ksolo, Davido, Wizkid. that's like recycling the news. o see new Female artistes, they go as far as going for photoshoot and almost go half nude just to promote themselves which is not proper and some has a very nice song bit nobody is ready to look up to them we have less investors in the industry and the few investors we have don't een have talents. the media should please help change this mentally of, if you have a wack song and if you have money you will blow, if you ask me, it's only the media that can change"
You earlier mentioned Timaya, what's been happening between you too?

"We are fine, we talk like almost everyday and outside that, I think it's long overdue for me to start telling people that we are back working together, we are working on an album we've recorded couple of songs already and hopefully we will be out with it"
Between music, production, which do you think has done you well?

"The music production has done me well kind of. The truth is, I started singing before production, that's the reason why the singing aspect would not let me be, as much as I tried to open a cup and close it up it, it's not closing. alot of artiste approach me to be a part of their song. I still do write up and all. this is a part of me that I can not help. but the truth is this, production has been a big milestone for me"

So if you actually have your way, you would do away with singing and focus on producing?
"I wish I can....(LAUGHS) Thank you CKN"
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