CKN Exclusive :Air France Abandon Nigerian Passengers Unattended At Paris Airport (Pictures)

Tired kids sleeping at the airport
The unpleasant treatment meted out to Nigerian travelers on international flights continue unabated.

The latest is Air France which has abandoned hundreds of Nigeria bound passengers at Charles de Gaulle  Airport Paris.

This is the report of one of the passengers

"And that is how Air France that was meant to depart Paris for Lagos since about 9:00am today hasn't taken off till now and passengers (even business class passengers) are left to sleep at the airport lounge, including women and children.

A particular lady with her children coming from Toronto arrived since 7:00am to connect to Lagos. She has since been stranded at the airport with her food, no hotel accommodation! Air France only provided vouchers for pastries and snacks and the children do not eat those so they have been eating only Bananas. 

These passengers bought these tickets with hard earned monies. And it's not even cheap! Why should these airlines treat our citizens like this??? Even when they know our country is one of their most lucrative routes . What is so difficult in getting hotel accommodation for these passengers, especially the women and children???

Mothers are weeping at Charles de Gaulle airport. It is so heartbreaking. I hope this situation is addressed and all those affected get due compensation . Sad!"

"Pictures shows Lagos bound passengers waiting at Charles de Gaulle Airport Paris, some since 7:00am (Aug 25th) others from about 9:00am for their flight, left by Air France to sleep in the Airport Lounge.

No sympathy or empathy for the women and children . At least put them in a hotel !!! They will be here till 4:00pm of Aug 26th when they say their flight is likely to depart.
This is so unfair and unacceptable !"
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