Saturday, 1 July 2017


A nascent group known as Core Biafrans of Nigeria (CBN) has warned Nnamdi Kanu, Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), to stay away from Anambra State, insisting that the November 17, 2017 governorship election in the state must hold. Core Biafrans faulted Kanu’s order for the boycott of the election, arguing that doing so would not in any way advance the interest of Biafrans.

According to a statement issued in Awka on Monday, signed by CBN Interim Chairman, Comr Eze Harris Chuma, popularly known as Ogene Ndigbo, “Core Biafrans will not boycott Anambra guber election. Anyone who instigates others against the forthcoming election is politically naive, and will be grossly disappointed.

“IPOB membership strength does not pose any threats to Ndi Anambra. We are not ignorant of Kanu’s political ambition; the leader of IPOB cannot and will not speak for the generality of Igbos. We wish him scandal-free in his renewed drive to foist his group of freedom singers on unsuspecting Nigerians, but he should stay away from Anambra.

“Core Biafrans in Nigeria are not anti democrats. Core Biafrans in Nigeria do not believe in secession but total restructuring of Nigeria. Core Biafrans in Nigeria are demanding for rapid development and economic freedom in southeast region.

“Core Biafrans in Nigeria are demanding for total inclusiveness in the way and manner resources are being managed.

“Core Biafrans are clamouring for transparency, accountability, good governance and productive rule. Core Biafrans are unrepentant defenders of Igbo interest, lives and properties outside Igboland. Core Biafrans are 150 per cent Nigerians beyond mathematics. Core Biafrans are patriotic, law abiding and loyal to the government of the federation. Core Biafrans are hardworking and frowns seriously at laziness.

“Kanu and his blindfolded disciples will not be allowed to disenfranchise eligible voters with their ill-thought-out election boycott declaration during Anambra governorship elections November 2017. We will no longer tolerate the excesses of IPOB members. It portends danger to our people both home and abroad.

“We hereby urge Ndi Anambra to ignore the so called threat of election boycott. Core Biafrans are the Igbo-bu-Igbo and we will not fold our hands and watch Kanu and his co travellers subject the entire Igbo race to undeserved humiliation and harassment due to IPOB members’ hate campaign against the Federal Government.

“Kanu, stay away from Anambra and desist from inciting Ndigbo against each other with your political sentiments and religious doctrines. Ndigbo are peace-loving and blessed with prosperous minds

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