OPC Does Not Belong To Any Individual

Oodua People Congress under the new leadership of Comrades Dare Adesope and Rasaq Arogundade respectively, both the New Era and Reformed intervention groups have informed the world that, that state of affairs has now become a thing of the past as both group  have confined that dark era to the past, left behind them  forever and they are set to re engineers, unite OPC for progress of  Nigeria nation.

"We are happy and gratefull to Eledumare we are entering a new period with an assuredly bright future for all the cadres of the OPC regardless of where they belong. Today, what seemed improbable and impossible is now becoming possible" According to the comrades, Dare Adesope and Rasaq Arogundade.

"The New Era and Reformed intervention groups have been meeting to put an end to the man-made chaos and anarchy engendered by the previous leaders who benefited from the fictionalization of the OPC. initially OPC was founded to fight for the intreste of Yoruba people especialy the opressed, however, the same cannot be said of the organization today. Between Fredrick Faseun and Gani Adams the first two leaders of the organization all that the OPC previously stood for have either been totally destroyed or bastardised"

The duo is categorically stating that it neither belongs to Faseun nor Adams. It is the commonwealth of all true born offspring of Oodua and can therefore not be pocketed by any individual under whatever guise. As a matter of fact, it has recently come to light that the duo of Faseun and Adams, for selfish and personal reasons, encouraged the haemorrhage and factionalisation of the OPC. For years, they used divide and rule tactics, turning brothers and comrades against each and one another.

Meanwhile, the duo of Fredrick Faseun and Otunba Gani Adams has distance themselves from the comment made by the duo of Comrades Rasaq Arogundade and Dare Adesope. Faseun claimed he is not aware if any group accused him of monopolizing OPC and that until when he is aware he will not react to any allegation “ But I believed I meant well for OPC and Yoruba race" he said. On his part Gani Adams replied saying he did not have time to be drag into any controversy “what is paramount in my mind now is on how to move Yoruba forward. There are many things that we are facing in the country as far as the security is concern than for me to be engaging in battle of supremely with whoever" He said.

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