Nigerians from all works of life have condemned in strongest term the banishment of a 70 year old widow caught having sex in Afikpo ,Ebonyi State by her community.

The woman,Mrs Maria Okoh of Nkpohoroo Village in Afikpo North LGA of Ebonyi State according to report was caught red handed by her granddaughter while having sex with her 30 year lover on the matrimonial bed of her late husband.

She raised an alarm which attracted the community.The Community paraded her and later banished her for life.

The barbaric act has elicited the condemnation of several CKN News readers who described the action of the community not only stupid but a tramp on her fundamental human right.

Some of them have vowed to not only rehabilitate her but are ready to pay whatever fine (three goats) that was imposed on her.

Her were the reactions.

Odape Ologbonyo Kehinde Jethro The woman is still kajile paparapa, France president should be banished too i think
Bayo Sola
Bayo Sola Kini big deal, after all her husband had die
Toyin Idris
Toyin Idris Mr Bayo,that's heavy deal o @ 70 years old.
Bayo Sola
Bayo Sola Ma'am ,i know what many widows are going through, being a widow isn't a plague ,every married beings will be a widow one day. And their sexual desire always spring up so i don't blame her rather people who one day being in her position too

Obby Ezike
Obby Ezike This woman is widow for christ sake . Shey her husband is dead ? And she didnt have sex with a minor but a 30years old? Foolish people .
Rolly Sule Ugooh Snr
Rolly Sule Ugooh Snr 70, she still dey hammer?
Toyin Idris
Toyin Idris I wonder o
Eze Edoka
Eze Edoka Na wa o. So pEOple still pRActice this cULtuRE?
Clementina Okumoku
Clementina Okumoku Wat is wrong wit d stupid grand daughter can u imagine hmm
Odape Ologbonyo Kehinde Jethro
Odape Ologbonyo Kehinde Jethro the grad daughter might have been eyeing the 30 years man

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Clementina Okumoku
Clementina Okumoku I am telling 
David E. Apeh
David E. Apeh Nonsense. The woman body na wood?
Aimhie Odin
Aimhie Odin The guy must be the grand daughter's boyfriend...
Joke Laniyan-Awolusi
Joke Laniyan-Awolusi Arrant nonsense!
Kemi Lucie Obayemi
Kemi Lucie Obayemi Nonsense they are adults for goodness sake. Mtcheew!

Ade IY Pimping Gbadamosi
Ade IY Pimping Gbadamosi She chop off the guy's joblokos?? Blood runs through her veins fa no be water
Obiorah T. Momife Poet
Obiorah T. Momife Poet Let us get something right if our forebears threw caution to the wind we would not have any level of sanity today.

She knew the implication of what she did. If she was that horny she ought to have gone out far from that home.

We no be oyinbo people biko...!

I feel for her thought.
Joy Ofejiro Okujeni-Lee Penny
Joy Ofejiro Okujeni-Lee Penny The villagers might as well start walking naked they love being backwards & primitive. WTH
Lawrence Tope Delaw
Lawrence Tope Delaw In this small world many things are happening...
Chinyere Ogu
Chinyere Ogu Human tradition...Man inhumanity to man! If a widower had sex with an adult after his wife's death, would this same treatment be given to him? Why all these kind of ill treatment against women? Didn't death do her part with her late husband? Haba!!
Florence Nwankwo Romanus
Florence Nwankwo Romanus Stupid tradition, imagine the nonsense,so what will the stupid granddaughter gain now, since her grandmother has bn banished from their primitive village? Honestly I felt for this woman, Afikpo Chic supposed to condemn this, cos this is wickedness and man inhumanity to man.
Taiwo T. Gbadebo
Taiwo T. Gbadebo If it is a man no problem but not withstanding @ 70 she should have stop all that
Chinyere Ogu
Chinyere Ogu Why? If she's capable at that age, can you explain why she shouldn't? Don't 70 year old men marry 21 year old women? Is there an age when capable adults should stop having sex?
Ogochukwu Mbanefo Okpokwasili
Ogochukwu Mbanefo Okpokwasili Why should she stop for crying out loud...JUST BECAUSE SHE IS A WOMAN.
Chii Ezirim Nwanoka
Chii Ezirim Nwanoka Please why will she stop? Am just learning now that there is age limit to sex. Hehehehehehehe. Make some mamas no hear this kain talk o.
Taiwo T. Gbadebo
Taiwo T. Gbadebo I am not against her what I meant is that to have it with a younger man is uncalled for q
Chii Ezirim Nwanoka
Chii Ezirim Nwanoka Taiwo T. Gbadebo the man she had it with is a full grown 30 year old very sane adult capable of knowing what he wants. I did not read that he was forced.
Taiwo T. Gbadebo
Taiwo T. Gbadebo We see things differently the way you look at it is not the same as mine
Chii Ezirim Nwanoka
Chii Ezirim Nwanoka And so it should not be called tradition. I see tradition as what is acceptable to all not what an individual defines as it suits him/her. Hope you understand my drift now
Taiwo T. Gbadebo
Taiwo T. Gbadebo I did not call it tradition what I meant is that she should have done it with her age mate and not in her matrimonial home
Chii Ezirim Nwanoka
Chii Ezirim Nwanoka Her age mate fit no dey stand strong. She wanted a strong, virile young man who could give her what she really needed not an old man struggling with erection. It was her choice.
Taiwo T. Gbadebo
Taiwo T. Gbadebo No problem
Joy Ofejiro Okujeni-Lee Penny
Joy Ofejiro Okujeni-Lee Penny Can we get this woman's contact. ..I want to create a go fund me page 4 her....this is the height of madness by her community. ..Idoits\
Adaora Appolonia Uche
Adaora Appolonia Uche A very welcome development..
Chinyere Ogu
Chinyere Ogu Women should rally round this woman. This nonsense has to stop! Should women be killed after 70 in Nigeria? Don't they have a right to live? Is old age now a crime for women?

Gladys Eb AN
Gladys Eb AN Village timid people, i wish i know where she is, i will give her settlement....ndi iberibe
Tony Opara
Tony Opara In the 21st century?
Obiorah T. Momife Poet
Obiorah T. Momife Poet Now I ask us...

If she was your grandmother and you were the one who saw her with the young man in your dads bedroom...?

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Aiesha A Garba
Aiesha A Garba I know u would have done worse

Obiorah T. Momife Poet You do not know me please...but thank you.
Gladys Eb AN
Gladys Eb AN What is our business with her love life? i can only advice her not to do it at home, period
Gladys Eb AN
Gladys Eb AN My pleasure my dearest brother Obi, Aiesha does not know the kind of person you are, forgive her
Obiorah T. Momife Poet
Obiorah T. Momife Poet I have nothing against her truly. The impact of the news got to her. Will shame even let me talk about it?
Gladys Eb AN
Gladys Eb AN Exactly!
Obiorah T. Momife Poet
Obiorah T. Momife Poet I appreciate you nwanne m for standing for my humble self. I have a reason that made me place the poser.
Gladys Eb AN
Gladys Eb AN I know you na......the proverbial mayor😂
'Niyi Fatogbe
'Niyi Fatogbe The best any person is his or her right senses would do is to fight/cause embarrassment for the young man and try prevent him from coming back for some more action
Toyin Idris
Toyin Idris Probably the grand daughter thought mama was being raped so,she raised alarm not knowing it was consensual.Mama supposed to have retired from it

'Niyi Fatogbe That's the result of illiteracy, ignorance and idleness, what don't anyone understand about the rights of two consenting adults??
Nwokike Tai
Nwokike Tai What are you talking about, this is a cultural thing for Gods sake! The woman not only desecrated her home but the land, she committed arụ, an abominable thing she had done! and here are some half educated religious fanatics defending her in the name of modernity.
Tufia tufiakwa!!!

'Niyi Fatogbe In this day and age when many parts of the world are busy exploring space and discovering innovations that will improve and advance the life of man, we are busy talking about culture and desecration. So sad indeed!
Ike Amaefula
Ike Amaefula Primitive as in primitive! It is those that participated in this show of shame that should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. Not the woman that engaged in perfectly normal behavior. That community must be anti social in orientation. What a pity!
Comfort Okoronkwo
Comfort Okoronkwo Se d husband is dead? Two consenting adults, unless d guy is married. If not, dey sud just igbankwu for dem
'Niyi Fatogbe
'Niyi Fatogbe Even if the guy is married, how does that affect any other person in that village apart from the families of the two adults??
Ruth Richard
Ruth Richard This is madness
Amarachi Sandra Okechukwu Omame
Amarachi Sandra Okechukwu Omame I didn't see anything wrong in what she did

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Pati Uloko Ajogwu
Pati Uloko Ajogwu Pls for crying out loud we are Africans and we will forever remain Africans. We have our culture just like the whites have theirs. Ours has made it simple for us, if after your husband's death and you can't hold body til u pass away too , then return your dowry ,go away and live your life just how you want it. Anything asides that is a big No. What she did might brings a curse among the family if not properly cleanse.
Chii Ezirim Nwanoka
Chii Ezirim Nwanoka I beg to disagree with you Pati Uloko. That is not African tradition. Nobody expects a return of dowry in the event of death of spouse and nobody expects celibacy as well. You are expected to live your live respectfully (the definition of respect is yours) Sometimes even the younger widows are encouraged to engage and bear kids in the name of the dead spouse. But then the killing of twins was tradition before, did it make it right? What silly curse will the act of sex a 70 year old had bring to the family? Is it because of her age? The bed? Or what? I need to know how a full grown man (30years) engaging with another full grown woman is anybody's headache. Problem is we Africans love to explain away our inadequacies by tying it to some silly curse that never was there. I am open to diverse views in this matter but with strong empirical evidence not some voodoo.
Obiorah T. Momife Poet
Obiorah T. Momife Poet Not in her late husbands house.
David Ogbeidi
David Ogbeidi This news just tire me. Why punish a 70 year old woman like this? Chai!
Chii Ezirim Nwanoka
Chii Ezirim Nwanoka That also shall pass away like the killing of twins. Sex between two consenting adults is allowed. There is nothing abominable in that act. Her husband is even late so he has no bed no more and no matrimony. The grand daughter should be charged for gross violation of human right and must be made to produce her accomplices. Ignoramus
Obiorah T. Momife Poet
Obiorah T. Momife Poet The sex is not the issue but in the family house where she is a matriarch. Sentiment confuses issues.
Chii Ezirim Nwanoka
Chii Ezirim Nwanoka Obiorah T. Momife Poet it doesn't matter where she had it so long as it was done behind closed doors. Com'on cut women some slacks please. It is her life, her home as well
Jemimah Chuks
Jemimah Chuks The story on the 70 year old widow caught having sex with a 30 year old man and then they were paraded around town and the woman, I mean the widow fined three goats left me numb.

Now does anyone know how I can locate this widow???? I want to pay for the three goats!!!!

He who is without sin should cast the first stone!!!

Her sin isn't the sex but that she had the sex in her husband's home. Dead husband!!!

The religious folks here will jump in including the holier than thou, once you jump in here with a negative comment I will jump on you and jump you out. Bad English???? Yes why not when there's bad tradition!!! By the way what did they fine the boy?????? What????

Ndi Igbo what has widows done to you???? When a widow is happy a fool confronts her and asks her why she should be happy!!! You prefer us sad and bitter and angry!!!

Widower nko??? Answer!!!!

Avoid throwing jokes on this thread!!! Imagine that this woman was your mother and don't come here quoting Scriptures about adultery!!! Just cast the first stone if you are without sin!!! I am sure those folks that paraded them sneaked into homes of widows and women including married ones at night. 70 year old, paraded and mocked!!!

Who knows how I can locate her??? Healing Hearts widows support foundation will pay for the goats!!! Nonsense!!!!

Gozie C Udemezue for widows and orphans
Chii Ezirim Nwanoka
Chii Ezirim Nwanoka When you locate her, please inbox me as well as I will like to be involved in that. Some silly myopic arguments people make in this 21st century. What is sex? Simply nature's call which no adult is exempt from. If you ask me, it is the grand daughter and the villagers that have brought whatever curse (if any) upon themselves
Aniebo Nwamu
Aniebo Nwamu Shame on Afikpo!


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