Tuesday, 9 May 2017


Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Babatunde Fashola, has described the electrocution of about 30 football fans at Calabar viewing centre as man-made that ought to have been avoided.

He said Federal Government would embark on nationwide demolishing of structures under transmission lines to avoid the repeat of Calabar tragedy.

Fashola disclosed this, on Monday, in Jos, during the 15th monthly meeting with stakeholders in the power sector and said a similar calamity was averted last week in Benin city.

“The unfortunate electrocution accident in Calabar, Cross River State is regrettable and the consequences very sadden, they were very clearly man made and were avoidable.

“If we must learn any lesson from the tragedy, it is to truthfully and honestly admit that it occurred as a result of non compliance with laws and regulations; and if we are to learn the lessons, it can be no auspicious moment than now.”

He said despite the current hardship Nigerians are passing through which people are struggling to make living, setting a business in a place of danger is a threat to life that ultimately defeat the essence of survival.

Fashola stressed that Nigerians must admit the fact that the time to stop cutting corners and violating government regulations has come and the time to change these non compliance conduct is now to safe lives.

“We need to keep people alive and we also need electricity to improve lives. Therefore, logic dictate that these non compliance structures must give way to safe lives and to keep electricity, it is this logic that will ensure  there will be no repeat of the Calabar incident.

“The situation in Calabar where a building of a structure was located under or close to an existing line, also exist in all cities in Nigeria and they are all accident waiting to happen unless we can prevent them.

“One of such accidents was averted last week in Benin city, the burden of preventing these accidents rest with all of us, the government and the govern, Electricity Distribution Companies also have role to play, the success will depend on the will, supports and the collaboration of State Governments who has the responsibility of granting construction permit and removing illegal structures.”

Fashola frown at the activities of the 11 licensed Distribution Companies who over labour customers with unsubstantiated estimated bills without sufficient and adequate power supply.

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