Sunday, 2 October 2016


Hundreds of MTN Nigeria Customer Care Representatives (CCRs) operating across Nigeria on Friday protested against the failure of telecom giant to intervene in Call Centre Management transition crisis.

Over 500 agents whose appointment with CNSSL Contact Centre Limited ends September 30, 2016 blamed MTN Nigeria for not transferring their appointment to new vendor- ISON BPO.

Those affected CCRs were those handling High Value Customers (Top-20) in premium segment for MTN Nigeria.

Investigations revealed that MTN Nigeria terminated contract of CNSSL Contact Centre Limited (owned by Engr. Gbenga Adebayo) for management of top 20 customers (HVCs) in Lagos, Ilorin, Kaduna and Kano.

Olaleye Ogunleye who addressed journalists condemned MTN Nigeria for playing with future of over 1500 affected CCRs in Lagos, Ilorin, Kano and Kaduna Call Centres.

He added that MTN Nigeria gave ISON BPO contract to 80 percent (Regular customers) of Call Centres in across Nigeria in 2015 while CNSSL Contact Centre Limited retained management of top 20 (Premium segment).

According to him, “MTN Nigeria is playing on our intelligent. They promised to transfer our employment to new vendor-ISON BPO after termination of contract with CNSSL Contact Centre Limited. It’s however sadden that MTN who claimed that integrity is one of their core values has rendered over 1000 CCRs jobless after working for five years.

“MTN must transfer our appointment to new vendor with any salary reduction or increase in work hours. We are aware MTN Nigeria is making money in Nigeria without paying benefits to their staff in the name of outsourcing.

“We called on National Assembly, NCC and other stakeholders to intervene without delay.  Rendering 1500 CCRs jobless in this recession period will have multiplier effect on the economy, friends and families of affected agents.”

He also called on management of CNSSL Contact Centre Limited to pay all their outstanding entitlements which include leave allowances, salary/pay off and outstanding pension deductions.

“The company has not remitted our 12 months pension to PFAs since October 2015 to September 2016 which contrary to 2014 Pension Act. Engr. Gbenga Adebayo must pay all our entitlements. We won’t sign any clearance or drop our work tools without payment”. Ogunleye stated.

He described the insertion of section 3 to the clearance form as dubious and inhumane.

The section 3 of the clearance form reads: “I hereby further confirm and declare that I have no claims, rights or entitlements whatsoever and howsoever against CNSSLCCL or its agents or representative, whether civil or criminal, at Common Law, under any Statute or in tort arising out of or in connection with my service with the Company.”

The CCRs has vowed to use all legal means to get their entitlements.

Efforts to speak with Branch Manager of CNSSL, Mr Adeyemi Badewa failed as he declined to speak  on the mater.

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