Wednesday, 12 October 2016


Delta State Governor, Sen Dr Ifeanyi Okowa,has advised journalists to imbibe the culture of responsible journalism which demands a thorough investigation of issues before publishing.

Speaking at the Government House Chapel on Wednesday (12-09-16), Governor Okowa said, he was surprised at the blatant falsehood published by a section of the social and main stream media suggesting that he collapsed and was flown abroad for medical attention.

"It is unfair and uncharitable to disseminate false information. It is very unfortunate at this age and time that people will intentionally misinform others when there are opportunities to find out what might have happened", he observed.

"I am told that certain sections of the social media reported that I have been flown abroad for medical treatment. When and how did that happen? I have been very busy treating hundreds of files on my table". the governor added.

"The truth is that last Wednesday, I entered the washroom in my office and one of the tiles fell off from the wall and I had a minor cut on my head and I had two stitches, it was treated, and I was ok. People know I am a workaholic and that Is why it didn't stop me from working, I am hale and healthy".

Governor Okowa expressed surprise that anybody will query why his Deputy, Barrister Kingsley Otuaro will represent him at public functions even when it is a known fact that the Office of the Governor and that of the Deputy are one.

He therefore advised media practitioners to always seek truthful information at all times.

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