Wednesday, 5 October 2016


Mrs Izegbuwua Odigie-Olubiyi had high hopes like every other person; but just when she was about writing her final year examination in 1999 at Department of Further Mathematics, Ambrose Ali University, Ekpoma in Edo State, she woke up one morning and couldn't see.

It was discovered at the University Teaching Hospital, Ibadan (UCH) that she had Brain Tumour which had grown so large that it damaged her Optic Nerve. All hope was lost on her and the Doctors ruled that she has a maximum of two years to live.

She kept on visiting one hospital to the other; and in 2007 she was taken to the New York Colombia Presbyterian Hospital in the United States where she was placed on life medication.

It was discovered in the United States that she was given wrong drugs in Nigeria which had damaged a lot of things. 

They did an MRI and it was discovered that all of the steroids were off.

So, that was how she was placed on Hydrocortisone, Bromocriptine, Levetyrozyne and Epanutine among other drugs for life, and all these cost a fortune to get.

She has also been on 3months interval hormonal blood work to ensure the tumour isn't growing, as well as continued MRI every 4months.

But for quite some time now, she has not been able to return for check up, keep up with the MRI, hormonal blood work nor get her drugs regularly because of financial constraints. And the effect is now hitting hard on her health.

She decided to come open and beg well spirited people for assistance because she really needs help so as to commence her drugs, the MRI and the Hormonal Blood work plus follow up visit to her hospital overseas which the Visa will expire on the 2nd of January, 2017. 

All she needs to achieve this is N7.5million so as to have control of her well being again.. This will enable her go for comprehensive check up in the hospital in New York as well as help with her medications and quarterly medical procedures as she as been having constant seizures which can be life threatening. 


His name is Mr Oladimeji Olubiyi, A fashion designer who specialises in all kinds of men's suits. 

All these he does very well until in 2004 when he had crises with his sight affecting the two eyes.

It was discovered at Eye Foundation Hospital, GRA, Ikeja, that he had RETINA DETACHMENT which made him to be partially sighted

He got married to former Miss Izegbuwua Odigie in 2012 amidst their visual impairments and have been together ever since.

All he crave for now is to go for the eye surgery as it's really affecting his vision. All he needs is N2.5million for this operation.

They both want to live their lives being sources of encouragement to the less previledged in the society. 

They sincerely plead that kind spirited individuals and organisations should come to their aid and help them, so their health conditions can be better managed and they can live to be blessings to others. Their account details and phone numbers are below for anyone that wants to help financially or call to verify the authenticity of their life stories. 

Mrs Izegbuwua Odigie
Account details - First Bank -  3053000416
Telephone no - 08023361669

Mr Oladimeji Olubiyi
Account details - First Bank - 3059103247
Telephone no - 07038848822

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