Tuesday, 14 June 2016


We have read with a deep sense of  consternation some reports  sponsored by  faceless and politically motivated  groups on the social media platforms  to the effect that  the Akwa Ibom State Government  has received certain amounts running into hundreds of  billion Naira from the Federation Allocation in the last one year.

The Akwa Ibom Abasi Ibom Economic Intelligence Watchdog (AKAISEIW), a group comprising individuals dedicated to exposing lies and reporting accurately the activities of government – a fact-checking body is alarmed by this careless act of deliberate misleading of the unsuspecting members of the public and wish to state as follows:

That the report is nothing but bar-room gossip, lies and propaganda  by groups, individuals and organizations that are envious of the spectacular achievements recorded by the Udom Emmanuel Administration in the last one year, and have refused to believe that the 2015 gubernatorial election is a settled affair.

We wonder why these individuals would delight in trafficking in lies and subterfuge when they know the truth, but have refused to state the facts accurately.

It is a known fact that while most states can barely pay the salaries of their workers not to talk of embarking on capital projects, the Udom Emmanuel government in Akwa Ibom state has kept his obligation to the people and have executed numerous capital projects, which includes  but not limited to the on-going construction of over 200, kilometres of roads with 15 bridges and spurs, the attraction of investments to the state, which would soon provide jobs to thousands of our youths, construction of a taxi-way at the Ibom International Airport, stable electricity supply, the free health care to children between the ages of 1-5, pregnant mothers as well as the aged, the compulsory  and free education policy, granting of soft loans  to market women, sponsorship of our youths to various training programmes that would  better equip them for the jobs of tomorrow, intervention in gully erosion ravaged areas such as the Calabra Itu road, the General Hospital in Anua, several water re-articulation programs, the launching of “Dakkada” which has in no small measure transformed and re-engineered our people  to rise up and claim the faith of their greatness.

Governor Udom Emmanuel was able to achieve all these because of his skills as a globally celebrated financial services expert and his capacity to prudently manage the lean resource available to the state to ensure optimum result.

Every one knows that that due to the sharp drop in oil prices, the allocations from the Federation Account has subsequently dropped, while recurrent expenses remain the same.  Akwa Ibom state Government however, has kept its head above waters and have paid workers salaries and other entitlements regularly, while executing laudable capital projects.

The allocation from Federation Account to the state last month was a paltry 5.3 billion Naira, and this amount alone is less than the recurrent expenses the state is statutorily expected to fulfil. This amount can be verified easily.  We challenge the authors of the fake report to come out and disclose the source from where they derive the said report.

We wish to advise these agents of negativity and merchants of blackmail to leave the Udom Emmanuel government alone, as he works hard daily, to industrialize this state and wean its people off the over-dependence on government.

The industrialization train is moving at a dizzying speed, the mind-set of our people has been re-engineered, there is cautious optimism in the land, in- spite of the lean times, the tone and tenor of governance has taken a decidedly new flavour and we know that eight years down the line after Governor Udom Emmanuel Udom would have finished his stewardship to the people of Akwa Ibom state, we would have cause to thank God that he came at the Right time, with the Right set  ideas and with the Right hand of God directing him, and that he left Akwa Ibom state better than he met it with the trajectory of development and economic well-being on the ascendance.


Etim Akpan Joseph

Shelter Afrique, Uyo

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