The Rivers State Chapter of the All Progressives Congress, APC says its attention has been drawn to a press release by Governor Nyesom Wike, signed by his Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Opunabo Inko-Tariah claiming that the present breakdown of law and order in Port Harcourt and environs is caused by the APC.

The Rivers State APC in a statement signed by Mr Chris Finebone and made availabele to reporters said, “It is mind-boggling to imagine how any individual with full control of his faculties and who understands how the present government in Rivers State came into existence can make such vexatious, obnoxious, false and patently diversionary statement ".The party alleged that the PDP in Rivers State stole the mandate of Rivers people by arming cult groups and criminal gangs to kill and maim innocent Rivers people and residents, terrorising and making it impossible for voters to exercise their mandate during the last general elections, adding that he quest by the APC to get justice for the people through the tribunals is proceeding apace.

“On the eve and day of swearing-in of Nyesom Wike as governor of Rivers State, the various cult groups and criminal gangs in red, white and black uniforms took over the streets of Port Harcourt, celebrating the ascendancy of their master, mentor and patron, Barr. Nyesom Wike. Ever since then, Port Harcourt and environs have not known peace.

“The situation has degenerated to the point that a couple of days ago, an armed gang stormed the Potts Johnson Street Health Centre, robbed patients and shot dead two security guards in the process in broad daylight.

“Last Friday, August 7, a policeman attached to the Kala Police Post on Ikwerre Road reportedly shot dead a bus driver by name David Legbara allegedly because of an argument over N100. Spontaneously, his fellow bus drivers and conductors congregated and started a protest against policemen of Kala Police Post which led to the governor going to address them and attempted to stem the protest. Has the governor been told that Mr. Legbara or the policeman who shot him are members of the APC?

“With the fluid security situation in the State at this moment, the APC believes that a governor with any sense of decency would have reflected deeply and possibly repent and seek God’s face to help him disarm the various groups and gangs he armed for the last elections. Of course, he will not do that because he believes he will still need them for the re-run election looming. But he will learn the hard way.

“May be, Gov. Wike should be reminded that it is sometimes easy to give a monkey palmwine in a cup, but retrieving the cup is usually an uphill task. Therefore, APC would like to advise the governor to go pick up his towel where he had his bath.

“Governor Wike’s claims that the APC has a hand in the present violence and lawlessness in Rivers State is an attempt to divert attention from the challenge of managing criminal gangs he created, activated and funded for politics. It will continue to hang on his neck like an albatross until he is swept off from office by the slow but sure wheel of justice. No diversionary and self-delusionary statement will come to his rescue when the right time comes”.


Chris Kehinde Nwandu is the Editor In Chief of CKNNEWS || He is a Law graduate and an Alumnus of Lagos State University, Lead City University Ibadan and Nigerian Institute Of Journalism || With over 2 decades practice in Journalism, PR and Advertising, he is a member of several Professional bodies within and outside Nigeria || Member: Institute Of Chartered Arbitrators ( UK ) || Member : Institute of Chartered Mediators And Conciliation || Member : Nigerian Institute Of Public Relations || Member : Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria || Fellow : Institute of Personality Development And Customer Relationship Management || Member and Chairman Board Of Trustees: Guild Of Professional Bloggers of Nigeria


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