Couple Who Delivered Quadruplets After A Set Of Twins Needs Help

When Isaac Oluwasanmi Oluwadare enrolled for a diploma programme at Ni¬ger State College of Agri¬culture, Mokwa, a couple of years ago, he was confident of securing a good job, but that did not happen. He then de¬cided to go for a degree certificate and enrolled into the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, where he bagged a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricul¬tural Economics and Farm Management. Though he is from a very poor family and had nobody to cater for his education, he struggled to get good education. He believed that with sound education, he would be able to secure a good job and raise a small family so that he would also be able to cater for his siblings. But all these hopes fell like a pack of cards. The fate that has befallen him is contrary to his expectations. He didn’t get a job. Rather, he got a really big family and the challenge he is facing now is how to fend for them.
When he got married in 2009, he and his wife had to wait for three years for their first child. When it then happened in 2012, they were twins and it was a big surprise. As he and his wife, who is also a jobless NCE holder, were struggling to make ends meet and cater for the two children, they got an¬other big surprise with a set of quadruplets. Four babies at a time!
Mr. Oluwasanmi, 35, and his wife, 30, narrated their experiences to Saturday Sun at their sleepy Ikeji-Arakeji residence in Ori¬ade Local Government Area of Osun State.
When did you get married? Was it before or after your graduation?
I met my wife in the church I attended in her hometown where I went, I thinking I could get a job after I graduated from the university in 2006. When I couldn’t get a job, I started doing menial jobs and got married in 2009; that is, after three years of graduation.
You had other children before the quadruplets.
We had twins as our first issues on 6th January, 2012 before the quadruplets came on 24th August 2014. The twins are a boy and a girl. The quadruplets are a boy and three girls. We now have six children.
So, how have you been coping with such a large family, since you and your wife have no jobs long after your graduation?
I engaged in farming from which I earn a little income, with which I sustain the fam¬ily.
How does your wife support then?
My wife is an NCE holder but also job¬less. She is only assisting me in the farm work. She is the one who markets our farm produce.
The birth of the quadruplets was very dramatic; you want to share it?
When the pregnancy was three months old, my wife went for scanning and the re¬sult indicated that she was carrying triplets. The scan also showed that she would be de¬livered of the babies in October. Few months later, she went for scanning again when we started noticing some complications in her health, but the result still showed that the ba¬bies were in good condition. On this blessed day, August 23, my twin sisters were going to Lagos, but decided to pass the night in my place before continuing their journey the fol¬lowing day. I had to vacate the bedroom for them and slept on the floor in the parlour. They and my wife went to bed very late; they were discussing till midnight.
When it was about few minutes to 3:00 am, one of my sisters came and woke me up and told me that my wife’s condition was not stable. So, I quickly joined them in the bed¬room to find out what was wrong with her. When I asked, my wife said she was hav¬ing backache. We were all confused because we didn’t know what to do or where to go since it was late in the night. As a matter of fact, immediately we realised that she was carrying triplets, we decided to register for antenal care at Mother and Child Hospital, a government health centre in Akure, Ondo State, which is about 23 kilometres from where we are living in Osun State. But it was difficult for us to go there that night.
While in the dilemma, my wife sug¬gested that we should call one midwife who she used to go for prayer at CAC Memo¬rial Camp at Ikeji-Arakeji where we live. She wanted to seek her counsel. In fact, it didn’t occur to us that her time for giving birth was due based on the result of the scan¬ning. I had suggested that we should wait till morning in order to go to the hospital. But alas, my wife could not endure the pains she was going through. When she then called the midwife, she said could not come because it was late. The woman advised us to wait till the following morning. As we were trying to persuade my wife to endure till then, one of the babies just came out suddenly with-out labour. We were surprised. I exclaimed: “What is this? Everybody was just running up and down until my wife suggested that we should call one of her uncles popularly known as Jingo to bring his car and take her to the midwife’s clinic. Incidentally, my wife even had an appointment with the doc¬tor at Mother and Child Hospital, the hospi¬tal where she registered, the next day being August 25.
When Jingo brought the car, we rushed her and the baby to the midwife’s clinic. That was around 3:25 am. It was at the clinic that she was delivered of all the babies suc¬cessfully without any difficulties whatsoev¬er. What really surprised us was that, when the third baby was born and we thought it was over, she started having another sign and before we could say Jack Robinson, she gave birth to another baby contrary to the scan’s report. In fact, she didn’t experience labour, except that she complained of back¬ache. According to the midwife, the inter¬vals between the babies were not more than five minutes after which each cord was cut as they all shared the same placenta.
As soon as you knew it was qua¬druplets, what ran through your mind, especially concerning their maintenance? Some men would think of running away. Did that cross your mind?
I was very happy. But I was a bit dis¬turbed because of our poor financial condi¬tion. But I trusted in God for help because He is the one who gave the blessing and I believe He will surely help me to take good care of the children. With this confidence, I never thought of running away. Though some men in my shoes have done that in the past, I can never do that. Even if I run away, I would come back one day and that would be very shameful.
What were their weights at birth?
Their weights were: 1.7, 1.4, 1.6 and 1.5 kg, respectively. Two of them are identical, that is, the 2nd and 3rd.
You must have given them won¬derful names.
The first child, who is the only boy, is called Nathaniel Boluwatife Oluwadare; the second is called Elizabeth Oluwafunmilola Oluwadare; the third is Helen Oluwagbe¬misola Oluwadare, while the fourth is called Eunice Oluwakemisola Oluwadare.
Boluwatife means as God has purposed, Oluwafunmilola means God has given me blessing/wealth, Oluwagbemisola means God has placed me in a wealthy condition, while Oluwakemisola means God has en¬dowed me with blessing/wealth.
I decided to give the first name, Boluwat¬ife because none of our plans came through. For instance, we planned to have the babies in the government hospital to lessen our ex¬penses, but we never knew that God’s plan is different. God took all the glory. No wonder the Bible says, “My glory I will not share with anyone.” In summary, the other names mean that they are all blessings from God.
Did you ever pray for such a boun¬teous blessing? Did you thank God or blame Him when the children were born?
I always pray for double portion of eve¬ry good thing of life, but never prayed for twins or quadruplets. In any case, when the children came, I gave thanks to God for the wonder He did in my family. When I got married, there was no child for three years. We waited patiently and when He was ready to do what no man can do, He blessed us with twins. After that, He blessed us with quadruplets. In fact, the blessing is unique and it is marvellous in our eyes. Everybody that heard the news called us to congratulate and pray for us. They call us blessed among men.
Were you able to buy baby things before the babies came?
We did not prepare at all because we were taken unawares. She gave birth in Au¬gust before October that the scan indicated. So, it was the midwife that supplied all the necessary materials, which were later paid for. I had to also rally round the streets for money to buy many other things. But I later refunded the money accordingly.
What was the bill like; was it much?
It was not as expensive as we expected. Though it wasn’t easy, we were able to pay by the help of concerned individuals and friends after some days.
And how have you been coping with their maintenance? Are they breastfeeding they are on baby-for¬mula?
Frankly, it has not been easy, but with the help of God and the public-spirited people around us who have been helping, we have been coping. The children depend on both baby food and breastfeeding.
How’s your house like? Are you comfortable in it?
We live in a boys’-quarter with a room-and-parlour; not a standard room. The room was not convenient for us when we were four with the twins, let alone now that we are eight. I wish to get a better accommoda¬tion, but I don’t have the money.
What is in your mind right now?
All I’m thinking about now is how to get a good job so that I can take proper care of my family.
If you were to be offered employ¬ment now, where would you like to work?
I can work anywhere in the world, in as much as the job is good and I can take care of these children that God has given to me.
And if job still does not come, what then?
Currently, I engage in farming and I am trying to increase my production capacity through expansion. But to be frank, farming is not easy, especially if there is no money to hire labourers to support.
Did it ever occur to you or your wife that one day you’d come to looking upon people for help like this?
No, because God’s blessing cannot turn us to beggars. I only see it as a challenge.
Instead of begging, I struggle more than be¬fore to be able to face the challenge.
How would you want people to help?
Though I need help from kind-hearted individuals, organisations, churches, etc, I believe that no amount of money they give us can sustain us because money can only last for a while. So, I prefer a job, which can sustain me, and on which I would be able to plan for my family.
In what ways has your church
assisted you so far?
Our church is very small. So, they can¬not assist us much financially. But they help us in prayers.
You attended the University of Agriculture, Abeokuta. What was your experience?
I faced a lot of challenges because I am from a poor family. So, I had to struggle for money to sustain myself, as my parents could only afford to pay tuition fees. In fact, I didn’t believe I could go to universi¬ty after my diploma from Niger State Col¬lege of Agriculture, Mokwa, Niger State. It was by God’s grace and sheer determina¬tion.
What degree did you obtain and in what course?
I obtained BSc in Agricultural Econom¬ics and Farm Management. It was a five-year programme. I graduated in 2006.
Where have you applied for job and why were you not employed?
I have applied for job in both public and private sectors and I was not able to get em¬ployment. What I’ve discovered is that peo¬ple get jobs either by means of connection, politics and money nowadays.
What is your message to Nige¬rians since you are so concerned about the future of the children?
I believe that God has a purpose for bringing these children, knowing full well that I don’t have a job to take care of them. Who knows, if they are leaders of tomor¬row. Only God knows. I can only ask for help from concerned individuals, organisa¬tions and government to raise these chil¬dren and fulfill God’s purpose for their lives. Those who are led by God to help us can reach me through these telephone num¬bers: 08038248815 & 08033861146.
Comfort, Oluwadare’s wife, also spoke
How old are you now?
I am 30 years old.
Are you and your husband from the same place?
Yes, we are both Yoruba.
Where do you hail from?
I am from Ikeji-Arakeji in Osun State.
You’re educated?
Yes, of course. I have NCE in Busi¬ness Education.
Are you now working?
I don’t have a job. My husband and I are still searching for jobs.
How did you feel when you dis¬covered that you had given birth to four children at a time?
I felt great as a woman. I felt blessed among women. Immediately my mind went to God and I acknowledged Him in my heart as a very great God.
How do you cope with feeding the children?
When I prepare their food, I feed them turn-by-turn, but when any of them is agitated, I try to feed them si-multaneously. Sometime one or two of them could be sleeping at the same time and I would be able to cope in feeding those that are awake.
Who helps you, especially when they are crying or need your at¬tention all at the same time?
My mother and mother-in-law are al¬ways around to help me.
Has there been a time you ex¬pressed fear that your husband might not be able to fend for the family because of his unemploy¬ment situation?
I have never been worried because I believe that on his own, he cannot do it, but with God, he is equal to the task. Moreover, God who brought the chil¬dren knows how best to cater for them. So, instead of being worried, I encour-age him that God will do wonders in our home.


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