Goodluck Wants To Kill Me..Gov Kwankwaso

Kano State governor, Rabiu Kwankwaso, on Wednesday accused President Goodluck Jonathan of plotting to eliminate him, in a fresh twist to a longstanding row between the two leaders.
In an exclusive interview with PREMIUM TIMES Wednesday, Mr. Kwankwaso said the president was after his life and had ordered the withdrawal of half of his security details in a ploy to open him up to physical attacks.
“I have told my friends, and people of Kano, Nigerians and indeed the international community to hold Jonathan responsible for whatever happens to Kwankwaso, his family or even the people of Kano state,” Mr. Kwankwaso said at Kano State governor’s lodge in Abuja.
He accused the president of igniting crisis in Kano State after a former governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Lamido Sanusi, emerged the emir of Kano Sunday.
Presidential spokespersons, Reuben Abati and Doyin Okupe, did not respond to PREMIUM TIMES’ requests for comments Wednesday.
The relationship between President Jonathan and Governor Kwankwaso, which for months had been all but warm, deteriorated in 2013 after Mr. Kwankwaso decamped from the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, to the All Progressives Congress, APC.
Since then, both men have openly accused each other of corruption and ineptitude.
Mr. Sanusi’s emergence, Sunday, as emir of the powerful Kano emirate, revved up the squabble.
The presidency and the PDP were clearly opposed to the candidacy of the former CBN boss, who was removed from his post by Mr. Jonathan in February.
Protests broke out in Kano shortly after the announcement of the new emir, as his supporters clashed with those of his opponent, the son of the former emir, Ado Bayero, who died Friday.
Mr. Kwankwaso told PREMIUM TIMES he has “credible information” the president instructed his supporters in Kano to unleash “mayhem” on the state.
“We don’t know his intention, but, certainly the intention is not good,” he said. “We have to tell him that igniting crisis in Kano is not in the interest of anybody. We have enough crisis already in the country, and now they are funding their stooges in Kano to protest and burn government properties.”
The governor accused the president of igniting crisis in Kano because the state is controlled by the APC.
“Recently, we also lost an esteemed Emir in Gombe and they basically followed the same process to elect a new emir, but they did not say anything because it is a PDP state.
“Now they are funding crisis in our state, I have never seen something like this,” the governor said.
Siege on emir’s palace
Mr. Kwankwaso said the new Kano emir is unable to move to the palace due to a police siege on the building- a development he blamed on the presidency.
He accused the presidency of planning to arrest Mr. Sanusi to stop his appointment as emir.
“We got information that they were planning to arrest him, so, we moved him to the Government House. I don’t want to imagine what would have happened if they succeeded,” he said.
The governor said his government and the APC enjoy overwhelming support in the state and was only bidding their time before reacting to the “intimidation” from the federal government.
“By the recent survey we just had and the local government election we held, we enjoy about 92 per cent support of the population, and the remaining 8 per cent are brewing and supporting crisis. There will come a time when this 92 per cent will be on the offensive, that is when they will realise that they are making a mistake.
“A sitting president brewing a crisis in a state like Kano? Everybody in this country knows that it is Jonathan that is creating this problem in Kano. I am yet to know why, but posterity will clearly show what his intentions are,” he said.
On the siege on the Emir’s palace, Mr. Kwankwaso said his government was just “watching and seeing how far they can go


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  1. We will never vote for PDP 2015 we belive they are the real Boko Haram

    1. Is dıs all true?If ıt ıs,na wah for Jona...Our gals re stıll mıssıng and Jona does care!He ıs ındeed dboko haram o

    2. You both are silly. Come 2015, you will know that APC has nothing to offer Nigeria better than PDP other than Boko Haram. It's just a matter of time.

    3. U ar d barawo.enemy of progress,,,,wawa

  2. Anonymous 9.13am, shut up ur mouth.Dont say we will not vote PDP.Say u will not vote PDP bcos u represent nobody. And for Kwankwaso, I am not surprise for his outcry cos that is what his party APC is known for.i.e Sympathy cry.Let me advice him & his party, Nigerian politics has gone beyond blackmailing, slandering & sympathy outcry.If they are serious in taking power from PDP, they shld do there homework well &organise themselves better than the ruling party.

  3. you see, these are the kind of utterances that causes trouble and strife ( expecialy in the North where they have so many illitrates) in Nigeria. he knows he is fabricating troubles for his own gains but... nobody knows tomorrow.

  4. Kwankwaso or APC are just getting to understand the power of Federal govt. I feel so sorry for pple like U kwankwaso, it has dawn on u dat u can't and will never intimidate FGN. This is just d beginning. U all are politicians so better start playing ur games well or u re doomed. This foul cry will nt help u at all. Sit up and be man (politician) u meant to be. U can't b tired of dirty games, nt now!

  5. It. Is sad & unfortunate that a political taliban like Sanusi emerged as the Emir Of Kano at this point.

  6. Maybe tomoro another apc governor go cry say jona done kill am. U ppl are follows u just want to rubbish d man?? To win??? Never not gonner happen because u ppl are not serious. Noise makers instead of playing politics

  7. Wen we yu pple ever learn 4God sake n 4hw long will yu continue 2disturb dis gentleman? Leave him let him concentrate on his wrk, abi wot's all dis nonsense nah? Y/day Jona did dis today Jona do dat tomorrow Jona wnt 2do dat n yu r say he shld bring bk yur gals. Hw do yu expect him 2wrk on it wen yu won't allow him God yu hv 2help dis nation call Nigeria.

  8. Kwankwaso u can't be scared of dying! If PGEJ kills u, u die a hero n as well entitled to 7 x7 virgins which awaits u in pit of hell. Play d politics, u can't be tired of d dirty game. Nigeria is bigger than all of u. God bless Nigeria!!!!

  9. KWANKWASO is a fool simple,I don't blame the like of you calling Mr president names because he is a gentle man who appreciates the worth of human value otherwise you would have been noway to be formenting your trouble because the confused APC party has planned to fail with you just as you think aiding Boko Haram will make you powerful and relevant to contest for the exalted post of presidency which you show no regard for!your foolishness has reduced the value of Emir kano so don't make noise anyone wants to kill you so we don't see so quick your cowardice!the oil bloc licence which your people uses its yield to sponsore your insurgence must be revoke else Nigeria will cease to be.

  10. People should leave Goodluck alone for God sake

  11. Kwankwaso it is obvious u & ur party don't like Nigeria. Bcos ur utterances are always gearing towards hate & violence. Why must u pple be so blinded with desperation to power by any means. As party leader, u pple shld be careful with ur comments. Don't heat up the polity with inciting comments.If there is anarchy, who will u pple lead. Ur party shld do there homework well so they can be seen as better alternative to PDP.Not everything that happen, they start accessing GEJ.

  12. Inshaa Allah,,,jona and all his stupid followers are going to die watching sanusi lamido sanusi be the emir of kano till his last breath, ,,,,,,,

  13. This is not the way to tackle issues, if somebody accused you of criminal act you have to sue him to the court to clear yourself otherwise you remain guilty as far as the accusation is concern. But I wonder why some people are supporting/arguing blindly!!

  14. I dnt know why the police is still at the palace. Leave sanusi alone

  15. It is palpably apparent that Jonathan is desperate for reelection , so he is ready to kill whoever stand in his way but I am certain the God that created this universe does not sleep . So he will not alow Nigeris

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