10 Army Generals Court Marshaled For Aiding Boko Haram

No fewer than 15 senior military officers including 10 generals have been tried before a court-martial and found guilty of giving information and ammunition to Boko Haram terrorists.

In the recent past, the Army and the Defence headquarters have raised the alarm that some of their officers and men are leaking official information to the terrorists and that some of them have been arrested and arraigned before some court-martials in some army divisions in the north.

Military sources said  that some of them who were tried at their division levels still have hope until the final review of the judgement at the headquarters in Abuja.

“There are a lot of arrests that have been made over some officers who were sabotaging the ongoing counter-insurgency operations. The suspects include about 10 generals and other ranks, not to talk of soldiers who have been found culpable of sabotaging our operations. They are facing trial before court-martials set up by their divisions; some have been found guilty, and some are still facing trial. Once the court martial rule, the recommendations are forwarded to the Army Headquarters or Defence Headquarters as the case may be,” a source disclosed.

Another top security source told our correspondent that four senior soldiers were found guilty of being disloyal and for working for the members of the sect.

“Four generals have been court-martialed for divulging high-class security information to the members of the sect. They were found guilty of leaking military strategies to the Boko Haram people. This was why many soldiers have been ambushed and killed by the Boko Haram,” the source added.

A source who could not disclose the names of these generals simply said some senior military officers and soldiers from a particular section of the country are deeply involved in the treasonable acts.

“They have been found guilty of also collaborating with some top politicians in the country to make the country ungovernable for selfish reasons. A lot of re-organisation is going on in the military. Many generals will go. Some will be court-martialed and some will be forcefully retired,” he added. “The movement of our troops in the north-east have been leaked to the Boko Haram by many of our colleagues, but the Defence headquarters has realized that and is seriously considering redeployment of some senior officers out of the north-east.”

The army had, on Sept. 19, 2013, said its 3 Division had set up a general martial court to try erring officers and soldiers.

During a press briefing, the then director, army public relations, Brigadier General Ibrahim Attahiru, said the new court would instil discipline and professionalism among its troops based on Army Headquarters’ directives.

The court under general commanding officer Ebiobowei Awala was inaugurated on April 22 at Rhino Officers Mess, Maxwell Khobe Cantonment, Jos, and has tried nine soldiers for various offences ranging from murder to manslaughter.

But it was not clear at the time of fielding this report whether the generals were court -martialed by the same court.

Although efforts to confirm from the Defence Headquarters’ spokesman, Major General Chris Olukolade, did not yield any result, a top serving general in the DHQ said a lot of trials were indeed going on: “A lot is happening. Those suspected are being tried, and this is why it is difficult to confirm or deny the story. But whenever the final verdicts are taken on these trials, the press would be briefed by the appropriate officers.”


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  1. If the story is true, then all is not well with the nation.

  2. The seach light should also be directed to thee presidency also

  3. O Lord help this nation. Where has evil not crept in. Senior officers spilling the blood of fellow military men, in sympathy for a murderous sect which is killing innocent nigerians. Lord we need ur help fast. This one pass us

  4. If dis story is true give us der names.

  5. Without internal sabotage who is Boko Haram. Nigerian army is one of the best land army in the world. By now BH would have been a forgotten issue. Due to the high level of sabotage the boys are not ready to fight again because they are watching their back. Even those with you in the war front can shoot you.

  6. God have mercy upon ur creature

  7. soldiers are really took us by surprise, that is why issue of boko haram is not ended due to their selfish idea of " obey before complain" by GOD grace they will be ashamed namely those behind it!!! by Ahmad sale

  8. I told you guys that every Muslim is a bokoharam member . Just that some are the active while the rests are passive.

    1. If the shit you said is true then how comes there are more ibos in the North than in the south?
      How come we didn't kill the ibos in the north?
      How comes there are more churches in the north than mosques in the south?
      Because we in the norh are more accomodating than hostile south.
      No matter how much you blab north is more buisness oriented and diversified than south that only depend on oil.
      Think with your brain not with your tongue.

    2. Somehow, you perceive that you have made a valid point. Probably you have really especially about North being economically sound. Only that Lord Luggard did not hear from people like you before playing chess with peoples' destinies termed amalgamation. Nigeria's problem is likely to be solved by separating the nations forcefully joined in Nigeria. Here, I agree with you that North wont be beggars. However, you will do well by not worrying about how dependent the South will be on oil. It will suffice if you theorize only for the North!

  9. those that behind the sabotage are hausa in the nigerian army. their time is over in this country,God,want to expose them to nigerians.omo igbo.

  10. Pls Give their names

  11. If realy the Nigerian army has been cmpromised those fund guilty should be charge with treason and killed..

  12. We should pray more so that those BH will be exppsed no matter highly placed they might be. It is good that it is happening now so that we know who are crying margination after 33yrs of ruling us. If that fish brain called Sultan of Sokoto can see things in selfish and wicked way so what do u expect his blind followers to do?

  13. If some northern politicians and soldiers will be used to distroy there region, states, lga, community, and even kill there chief emir's wives,children, and brothers all in the name of getting back to ruling the country they have being pioneering since the creation of the the nation and all they have to show is the poorest set of individuals in the world then nigerians should wake up and put them in there place because cows don't take there shephards to the bush but rather the shephard does they should be kept out of the corridors of power till they understand what it means to lead

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