I Hardly Sleep Because Of Kidnapped School Girls..Goodluck

PRESSURED by the continued captivity of the schoolgirls abducted by Boko Haram from the Government Secondary School, Chibok, Borno State, about three weeks ago, President Goodluck Jonathan has declared that he will not sleep until they return safely back home to their families.
Speaking during a world news conference to mark the end of the 24th World Economic Forum (WEF) on Africa at the Transcorp Hilton, Abuja, on Friday, Jonathan vowed that with the assistance promised by various world powers, the kidnapped girls would soon be located and freed.
He said: “Let me use this unique opportunity to thank all of you for your commitment and concern – those of you in Nigeria and those of you outside this country who continue to press on that these terrorists must bring back our girls.
“And they have no choice because I am quite pleased that the whole world is singing the same message that they must bring back our girls. And there is nowhere they will take these girls to. They have no hiding place. We must work with the global community that is quite keen (on making) sure that we bring back these girls.
“We plead with the parents. As a father and the president of this country, I feel pained and I don’t sleep with my two eyes closed, and I will not sleep with my two eyes closed until these girls are brought safely back to their parents.
“I thank you for all the concern, for all the sentiments, communications you are putting across to the rest of the world about what we are doing and of course where the world wants to support us.
“I’m in touch with a number of presidents. Of course, you are aware of my conversation with the American president and the United States government, French government, the Chinese government and other countries, willing to assist us.
“I have been talking to all the presidents around Nigeria – Cameroon, Chad, Niger, Benin, and I am going beyond that also because the crisis we have in Nigeria cuts across Africa. It goes up to Central Africa; it goes up to North Africa. So, I’m discussing with the leaders within the region and, of course, the world leaders that will support us. Collectively we must find these girls.”
He said the girls and their abductors were still in the Sambisa forest, even though there had been reports that they may have been moved to other parts of Africa, noting that if their abductors attempted to transport them to Cameroon, they would be noticed.
“The attackers are in a part of Borno State described as Sambisa forest. It is a forest area and we are working with the experts that will use remote sensor to see that wherever they are, we will see them.
“So, the best we can say is that they are within the Sambisa forest area. Of course, I agree that there are stories that they have moved outside the country; but if they move that number of girls to Cameroon, people will see. So, I believe that they are still within Nigeria,” Jonathan said.
He rejected allegations that his administration was slow to react to the abduction of the school girls, saying that the only thing government did not do (because it did not deem it necessary) was to show the video clip of the deployment of troops combing the area.
The president explained that the state of emergency declared in Borno, Yobe and Adamawa states had ensured that troops were on the ground to respond quickly to such emergencies.
He said, “There is no slow response at all. It is a misconception. The response is not slow. I have explained this. Borno State can be described as the headquarters of the terrorists, Boko Haram. They are more in Borno State, then followed by Yobe and then Adamawa.
“These are the three states we have declared state of emergency already. So, they have military personnel in that state. Immediately this happened, they have been following – both the Army and the Air force, they have been combing.
“The only thing we did not do because we felt it was not necessary then was to video the aircraft moving, the military people moving and the fighter helicopters. We started work immediately. It was not slow. The Nigerian government responded immediately. If somebody gives you the impression that government is slow, that is not correct.”
On whether there could be a political solution to terrorism in the country, Jonathan did not rule out such a solution but stressed the necessity for criminals to be punished for their misdeeds.
He noted that terrorists are no ordinary criminals as their actions are normally based on false ideologies, religious and political sentiments.
Though he acknowledged that there is poverty in the country, Jonathan disagreed with the argument that terrorism in the country is fuelled by poverty.
He said: “Yes, political solution is there. Some elements of politics is there, but terror all over the world is beyond politics. Sometimes, people say it is economic situation in the country; yes, we have poor people around the world, even in Nigeria, but terrorism is a little beyond poverty.
“Because if you see the weapons they are using, the vehicles, even to sustain that army, and the logistics, the movement and fuel they need, the food they need, that means a lot of money is coming in from one source or the other. So, it is just not the issue of poverty.
“We agree that when young people have no source of income, the likelihood of criminals recruiting them into criminal gangs is higher than in a society where they have means of income. We are addressing it.”


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  1. So, President Jonathan, you will not sleep until the girls return? Talk true.

  2. Your slow attitude and listening ro those thieves around you caused the problem. Instead of reacting to issues you wwnt on a dancing spree in kano. Sleep for what. As a mother am not sleeping. No one must sleep until we bring back our girls.

  3. Sleep kwa, sleep no dey oooooo untill those children ar back

  4. Stop pretending, what sleep?after d kidnaping u plan to go 4 a raly in yola to go and dance skeleu if not d media ,we dnt have president

  5. What a patrotic n patient president this is d characteristics of a true democrate.as a gud. As a gud father he talkd n pleaded wit d islamists 4 a longtime but they took him 4 granted n abuse him.like pharoah,their days are now number,americans has interfered nomore negotiation,they n their agents n sponsored will b doomed in Jesus name God wil strengthen,guide n lead those troop 2 conquer d islamists rebels call boko haram.

  6. Sleep? Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown. No sleep until the battle is fought n won.

  7. A big liar, after all the dance at kano and the birthday party in Ibadan. Huh! Small head.

  8. Jona Jona!!!!! is it true yu went and dance skeleu in kano so yu sabi dance skeleu huh?

  9. EYa,Eya i am sure your heart is weeping, but may i ask you why you wept late after the americans are in town? What about your comittees report when will the result be out? You embarrassed the whole country and made our army disfunctional and with your lies on dealings with the bh the americans dont trust you any more by the way no body does. You and your VP wife have made a mockery of the government. Pls save your self the embarrassment because i am for your sake.

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