Friday, 11 April 2014

Ogun Govt Name Baby Factory Kids After Gov Amosun

The Ogun State government has initiated moves to reconcile victims of the Akute ‘baby-making’ factory with their families.
Two babies delivered after their mothers were rescued from the “factory” have been named after Governor Ibikunle Amosun.
The state Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development is interfacing with Abia, Imo and Akwa-Ibom state governments on how the victims could be reunited with their families.
The Commissioner, Mrs. Elizabeth Sonubi, told reporters at the Stella Obasanjo Children Home, Ibara, Abeokuta that her office had been exchanging correspondences with the Ministries of Women Affairs in the states where the victims hailed from, noting that one of them had actually signified readiness to receive its indigenes among them.
 ”Some of them have responded and they are now willing to have them and ready for repatriation”, she said.
She said nine victims were actually hale and hearty. The babies delivered have been named King David Etimbok Omotoyosi Amosun and Queen Elizabeth Morayoninuoluwa Onyiechukwu Amosun.
She enjoined the young ladies not to despair or be demoralised but should rather see their situation as the beginning of a new life.
“Our mandate is to see to the survival and protection of the children and that is what we are doing. We are very caring in Ogun State. We are not taking you as criminals, but rather, as victims of circumstance, so I want you all to see your present situation as the beginning of a new life. Plan your next step of action by returning back to school or try to learn a skill so that you would be useful to yourself, people and your state in the nearest future”, she said.

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