Friday, 4 April 2014

Hip hop Star Olamide Takes On Linda Ikeji

Hip hop and rap sensation, Olamide is determined to make his career worth the while by focusing on releasing good songs for his fans despite negative news doing the round about his lifestyle.
Olamide said he suffered a lot before music changed his life and would not allow anybody to stop him from taking his career to the  highest point.
Olamide was reacting to an online report which was credited to popular blogger, Linda ikeji, who was said to have revealed that the singer was expecting a second baby from his long time lover. Linda used her blog to spread the puported rumour on Tuesday with the title “Olamide is expecting baby no 2”.
In a swift reaction, Olamide took to twitter to debunk the report and lashed out at Linda for spreading false report about him. “You don’t drag people’s name through the mud just like that. You got fake news about me and you went ahead to post it on your blog. That’s unprofessional of you. With your level of achivement, you are not expected to write about what you did not verify”, the rapper said on twitter.
When speaking with Olamide during the week, the rapper said he had moved on with his life after the purported rumour but warned against such in the future. “The truth is that my career is moving and thriving according to God’s plan and I am enjoying it. Linda Ikeji or anybody can’t stop it”.

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  1. this is uncalled for, its a shameful act, dont act like a baby,
    what you do today, might end up with your four fingers back to you. a married man must not be in all this shameful act. repent.