Thursday, 10 April 2014

Female Member Slumps At Natl Conference


A female delegate, Ezenwa Ifeanyinwa on Wednesday slumped at the National Conference shortly after the resumption of the afternoon session.
 Mrs. Ifeanyinwa, a representative of the Market Women Association, was returning from the lunch break and was heading towards the plenary chamber when she suddenly fainted.
 The ailing female delegate was immediately assisted by security agents, including operatives from the State Security Service, SSS, and the National Security and Civil Defence Corps, NSCDC.
 She was taken into one of the ante rooms outside the Conference plenary chamber and was later brought out to the lobby where a doctor was brought in to attend to her.
 Shortly before the arrival of the medial personnel, another female delegate had laid hands on her and prayed for her recovery.
 But as soon as the medical doctor arrived, SSS operatives, ordered a few journalists who witnessed the incident to leave.
 The delegate was very vibrant during the early hours of the day and was involved in the debate on President Goodluck Jonathan’s address to the Conference.
 The secretariat of the Conference was not aware of the delegate’s health challenge and this also applied to many of the delegates, who had already gone inside the chamber for the evening sitting.

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  1. They are over paid , that is the cause.

  2. When you bring together old people of 60 and above then it is expected that you hear stories like that, this is the first of many these people have contributed to the distruction of this country one way or the other, and now are given the opportuinity to charter a new course for the country. Am sure it will be another waste of time the youths of this country should rise or die