Wednesday, 2 April 2014

El Rufai Speaks On APC's Moslem Moslem Ticket For 2015

APC PRESIDENTIAL TICKET: Those speculating on this and advising me on all manners of persons and religions should know my views as follows:

(1) APC will present an integrity-competence ticket not religion. Politics and governance are not to be mixed or dictated to by any religion.

(2) The APC will present to Nigerians the best persons with the integrity, capacity and competence to create jobs, fight corruption and rebuild our nation without discrimination. How these persons worship the Almighty God is private to them and dies not matter to discerning Nigerians particularly young people that suffer most from bad governance, unemployment and the Jonathanian culture of impunity.

(3) The PDP that has no record to show other than escalation in corruption, grand larceny, trillions missing, private jets and deaths of innocent people. The PDP's only "winning strategy" is built around promoting and financing regional and religious division, and using the proceeds of corruption to buy the military, police and INEC officials rig the next elections.

They will be defeated no matter what they think because Nigerians are wiser and will not be taken for a ride any longer.

- Nasir El-Rufai

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  1. Shut up el rufal are you a leader wicked soul or you don't know how many soul you kill as a minister?

  2. Asiwaju Private Company (APC) will fail like a pack of card. Bunch of Boko Haramic blood suckers.

  3. There they go again.Nigerians are not fools. We don't even believe in all of you because we have been deceived many times . What is Buhari still looking for. He is been their once what did we have. He vowed last election that if he lost he would not attempt it again. He lost, who begged him? It shows YOU all are liars. Any way go and reconsider your plans because the christians are waiting.

  4. Over the years the Nigerian people have realised that most people in government and other Leadership position are there for the self fish interest and relevance that why people like El Rufai and Buhari still hover around for relevance, criticizing govt that they are not part of and speak good of the ones they are part of, even when great deal of evils are perpetrated in the group. SELFISH SET OF INDIVIDUAL, DICTATOR/GODFATHERS

  5. El-rufai or el-tufia what ever ur name is.U keep criticising the govt that u are not part of.If u were given an appointment by this govt, u wouldn't hv seen anything wrong with the gov.APC moslem/moslem ticket is ok by u thrn were is the equity.My broda, even if a bad man does change of name, he is still a bad man. So don't think APC is different from PDP. Infact PDP is better.It is more national than APC.

  6. Hell Ruffai you are fooling your self maybe you need to be reminded.Nigerian will never take you a serious person so we are not surprise you

  7. Buhari when he was chairman ptdf, billions of naira went missing,yet he claims to be a saint, he used ptdf money to construct northern roads, leaving southerners to die in bad roads, abeg go nd sleep cos nothing for u,

  8. Ofuchi the adapted son of Buhari, hw do u see this play ur dad & ur uncle Tinubu are trying to play with APC ticket, does it make sense? Advice them o! Bcos that will just spoil everything u hv been labouring in ckn.

    1. Brother advise that ill-informed and self serving Ofuchi, he is so timid and uninformed that he would not have seen what Obj saw when he assumed office and with immediate effect dissolved PTF becos of the enormous road/other construction speeding up in the north.