Monday, 10 March 2014

There Will Be More Violence If Goodluck Wins In 2015..Tunde Bakare

Convener of Save Nigeria Group (GN), Tunde Bakare, has predicted that the Northern part of the country will erupt in violence if President Goodluck Jonathan decides to seek re-election for another four-year term in office.
 But he added that the Niger Delta militants on their part would resume hostilities in the creeks and blow up oil installations if on the other hand the President decides not to contest and the Northerners return to power.
 Bakare, Pastor of the Latter Rain Assembly and running mate to the defunct Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) Presidential candidate in the 2011 general elections, Muhammadu Buhari, believes that the only viable solution to the possible impasse is for Nigerians to go to the Federal Government’s planned National Conference and “save ourselves of major unprecedented rage”.
He spoke in Lagos at the weekend during an interview with Daily Independent.
 On whether the latest rise in terrorist activities in some North East states could be linked to plans by some elements to frustrate the conference, he said Nigerians in their majority must come together and ensure the success of the conference.
 He expressed the belief that the conference will proffer a lasting solution to the country’s problems and give hope to Nigerians.
“Anyone can plan evil. But if the majority is still willing and working for this country to move on, we will overcome them. Darkness does not have power to overcome light.
“And don’t let us begin to assume that the increase in tempo of the attacks by Boko Haram is against the national conference. How about the election itself?
“That is why we say let us go to the conference to save ourselves of major unprecedented rage. Because the way it is right now, if President Jonathan decides tomorrow and say ‘I am going to run for election’, the North will boil. If he wins, it is the same, because North has been outside power equation for a long time now.
“Eight years of Obasanjo, four years of Jonathan and in-between, they are just sandwiched two years of late Umaru Yar’Adua.
“So, that could be part of the reason. Especially when the people in the North are feeling deprived and they don’t even know where to direct the attacks. And if Jonathan says ‘I am not contesting’ and the North wins, the boys in the creeks are going to blow all your oil wells. Head they win, tail, you lose,” Bakare noted.
 He added: “So, whichever way, we are in trouble. The best solution right now that I can see is that let us go to the conference and let us critically examine these issues and see God helping us if we can rise from the table of brotherhood, proffer solution to Nigeria’s problems and give a better hope to our people. Hope beyond the scope of human limitations”.
Reacting to claims in some quarters that the state of emergency declaration in Adamawa, Borno and Yobe states by the President has failed to achieve its desired purpose, giving the latest rise in activities of the Boko Haram sect, Bakare said Jonathan should be commended for taking the bold step, adding that the declaration has greatly reduced the level of destruction in the affected areas.
 He also blamed traditional areas in the affected areas for not doing much to identify the terrorists, saying it is high time Nigerians spoke in unison and collaborate with the authorities to rein in the activities of the sect.
“If the emergency declaration has not achieved its desired result, it has tempered the gruesome violence you have seen. It could have been worse.
“Imagine what could have happened if there is no state of emergency there. The Governor will flee, his cabinet will scatter and the people will flee in different directions.
“So, let us give credit where it is due. Are we seeing what we expect to see? Not yet uhuru, but let us continue and let us all work together.
“We should not just blame Mr. President. There are traditional rulers in those domains. Are you telling me they don’t know those operating?
‘Don’t those people buy food? Don’t they go to the market? Don’t they live with people? Don’t they have wives and children? Even if they have isolated themselves, they will still have to go to the market to buy things.
“So, what is going on is more than what any one individual can resolve. I think all hands must be on deck. Traditional rulers and everyone who can influence society must do all they can to bring an end to this evil called Boko Haram,” he said.

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  1. what then ar u saying about south east nd their tenure? or ar they not part this country.

  2. Jonathan , Jonathan Jonathan . How many time did I call you? Ogogoro man listen to the voice of wisdom. Asari and Clark are deceiving you . A platoon of Nigerian army will crush the whole of Niger delta militants. Be warned!

    1. Have the Nigerian army been able 2 crush boko haram from the unproductive northern region? Do u know what it mean 2 start another war in the oil rich Southsouth region by crushing the Big Heart of not only Nigeria but of Africa?

  3. Ofuche or what do they call u.Hw there u call Mr President Ogogoro man? Remember ur dad is older than Mr President but he has no name even in ur comunity and the records & name GEJ has made, no member of ur comunity hw much more ur family can surpase that in ur life time.So mind he u talk.If u are wise, u will knw by now dat GEJ is not the best we hv in naija but he is the choosen one at this poiny in time by God.

  4. Is d presidencia positn only meant 4d northernals? Babangida n Abacha all spent 8yrs. Well is left 4niaja to decide by voting in 2015.

  5. So we should leave the seat for born to rule people? After 38 years they ruled what did we achieve ? Nothing...Bakare if crises will more let it be more who cares..fake pastors..

  6. There is nothing the northerner (boko haram) can do more than what they have done by ending up killing themselves and destroying their economy which is better if Goodluck win the 2015 presidential election than Nigeria 2 become an history if he (GEJ) decided not 2 contest or lose

  7. Bakare has said it all: let us sit like brothers and diologue at the National conference. No particular group of people is born to rule others. Any body who doesn't want to dialogue to find a lasting solution should go and hit his head on the brick wall or better still should be allowed to go his seperate way. Afterall, marriage is not by force. For better we stay, and For worse nko? we may decide to bear our father's names.

  8. Ofuchi it is time for u to reap from where u av sown since all this wile, if u think u are human show ur face. N let me tell u with ur comment every about mr president u av sign agreement with poverty n generation will never test greatness till the end of this world. Am from the north n not south but its not good for to address the president of a country as big as nigeria like that mine ur words if u care if ur words will hunt u n ur generation.

  9. Hey! Raphael whr yu dey did yu travel? Perhaps they've padlock yur mouth.