Pastor Predicts Plane Hijack In Nigeria Between April And May 2014

Pastor Opeyemi Kayode of Christ Renaissance Christian Church of God, Ogba Lagos has made the following predictions.

1.There will be a terrorist hijack of a plane in Nigeria between April and May which will lead to Plane crash,It will be very devastating.Please note,this man on the day the Dana Air crash occurred asked us to stop the service and pray seriously,that God revealed a plane crash to him as we were in the church that its the plan of the witches,we were all thrown into panic and started praying,i guess it was rather too late or was it that we didn't pray enough?or is it that there were few tongues that prayed,i still don't know why few hours after God showed my pastor,I saw the news about the Dana Crash.I almost ran mad.

2.He said God said some Governors will be kidnapped and its politically motivated..and in the course of it,if force is applied,lives will be lost
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3.He said ''God said The National conference is a Charade. that is not will good intentions,that he doesnt have a hand in it.The motive is not for the interest of many but minority

4.The 2015 Election is not Feasible,the person that will rule Nigeria will come from the middle belt.

5.Boko Haram will still die a Natural Death

6.When i asked what God said about the Missing Malaysian Plane,He said it was a diversion by a terrorist group.He didn't give me further details.

The person who sent this to me wrote down reasons why I should publish this...
"He always sees visions,they always come true,If i told you many more that he had seen and came to past,it would be as if i am advertising my pastor.
But you know why i want you to publish this?Its because this vision concerns Nigeria.We need to seriously pray because i know God is the only helper we have.if thousands
of tongues can pray on this,God can avert this evil awaiting to befall Nigeria.I know alot of people come to your blog,this is a way to save lives from perishing by encouraging people not to only read this for reading sakes but to let us pray.If you keep quiet and don't publish this and all these happened when you could have made a difference,would you be happy??

I kept quiet before the Dana Crash but i told myself it won't happen again,i don't want any guilt in my heart.

You can make mention of no 1 and 2 only.and wait if you will see any reasons to publish the rest after because even if God will still answer our prayers,he will still show us the bigger picture of what could have happened if not that he intervened."


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  1. D Holy book of Ezekiel says, son of man, prophesy.....der4 I prophesy as a son of man that :- every plan 2 hyjack any plain within n ouside naija receive frustratn IJN. (2). A hedge of fire is sorounding any govno dat has d fear of God n such shal not xperience any form of kidnap IJN. (3). Every gathering dat is for selfish interest b turn in favour of all nigerians IJN. (4) A presdnt after God's heart will emarge in 2015 IJN (5) Let God's will b done concerning BH (6) we shall not xperience any terorist atack anymore IJN.....N let any 1 dat have faith say AMEN!

  2. Why is the number shown i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ the comment ? People pls beware many horrible things are engaged i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ this country .. Don't call who you don't know too well pls( Oby)

  3. Let all the dooms day prophets be definit with their words. It is not a case of if we pray hard the danger will be averted. If that is the case the prophert should say their could have been a hijack of plane but for peoples prayer. Not when your so called prohesy failed , you say is because God heared our prayer. How come God never showed them the day of his favor on us. They only see calamity.

  4. Prophets like this who always had their prophesies of doom come to pass but whose prayers can never avert such doom, and had never prophesied good that comes to pass should immediately be arrested as evil messengers.

  5. If it doesn't happen , he will say God stopped it.

  6. d lord hs made it obivious dat on d last day dat der wil b many false prophet ,plz prophet or wt ever,d lord wil never revel any secret witout d solution,i strongly knw dat goodluck must remain on dat awesome throne 4 d gud of nija, our lord wil never any calamity or predicament befall our nation in jesus name amen

  7. Most of the prophecys written in the holy buk have exact date of fulfillment & it will also come to pass. Instead of btwn April & may plane will be hijacked pls,prophet tell us the exact date.

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