Saturday, 29 March 2014

Nigerian Female Musician Zara Gretti Is Dead

Nigeria singer/rapper Margret Mary-Joseph popularly known as Zara Gretti has passed on at the age of 28.
Ms Gretti had been battling with multiple Sclerosis, a potentially debilitating disease in which the body’s immune system eats away at the protective sheath (Myelin) that covers your nerves. Damage to Myelin causes interference in the communication between your brain, spinal cord and other areas of your body. This condition may result in deterioration of the nerves themselves, a process that’s not reversible.”
In the last 2 years, Zara had revealed her pains via social media instagram and twitter. She recently shared that she could no longer walk and could barely sleep. It is clear that the talented young musician was in a lot of anguish yet she maintained a positive temperament.
She initially came out to seek help from Nigerians to assist her in paying some of her medical bills.
Zara passed on in the early hours of Friday and has had hit songs including Abokuku, Flyest, Teno amongst others.

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