Friday, 21 March 2014

Nigeria Corruption Stories Are Over Exaggerated..Goodluck Tells Nigerians In Namibia

President Goodluck Jonathan has said that the exaggerated reports on corruption in Nigeria have taken a  toll on the image of the country.

Speaking at a  meeting with the Nigerian community in Namibia, the president noted that the sensationalisation of corruption in the country has stigmatised its people.

He said though his administration would not condone the menace, using big stick will not be a solution to ending corruption.

Rather, he said government would continue to strengthen relevant institutions in nipping the menace in the bud.

He called on every Nigerian to resolve to do the right thing and support the government in its efforts at building a new Nigeria.

According to the president, if the citizens extend their cooperation to government in the fight against corruption, the nation would be completely transformed in the next ten years.

He said: “The green passport should be a symbol of honour, respect and dignity, not humiliation.”

He stressed that Nigeria is a great country and with certain definite steps the administration is taking, it would take its rightful position in the globe.

He assured the Nigerian community in Namibia that with all the political tension being created by the opposition in the country, he would not play politics with the development of the nation.

He said that government had taken pragmatic steps to end the challenges of oil theft and piracy before 2015.

Earlier, the Minister of Trade and Investments, Dr Olusegun Aganga, had told the Nigerian community in the Southern African country that  a lot of opportunities were available for them in Nigeria and they could key into the transformation agenda of the government even from their countries of residence.

He said with the signing of 11 Memorandum of Understanding between both countries opportunities abound for them to tap into it to make money and contribute positively to national development.

The Nigerian High Commissioner to Namibia, Dr Biodun Olorunfemi, disclosed that  2000 Nigerians are resident in Namibia and they have been good ambassadors of the nation without any bad record.

The ambassador said there is no single Nigerian in the Namibian prison and most of the people are contributing positively to the development of the country in various sectors.

He disclosed that the Surveyor‑General of Namibia, Dr Ugochukwu Okafor, is a Nigerian while the President General of the Nigerian Community, Alhaji Buba Maidugu works as a principal officer in the office of the Prime Minister of Namibia.

Maidugu in his earlier address, said that he was sent by the federal government to Namibia 24 years ago in company of 49 others, specifically for capacity building, when the country gained independence,

He said that when they came, Mathematics and science subjects were exclusive reserve of the colonial whites while the few Namibians in schools were forced to read other subjects.

Maidugu said his team started the teaching of Mathematics and Sciences in Namibian schools and have graduated many Namibians Doctors and Scientists.

He said that between 1995 and 2000, all hospitals in Namibia were managed by Nigerian Doctors.

Okafor, the Namibian Surveyor General commended President jonathan on the privatisation of the power sector. He also suggested the setting up of special tribunal to be presided over by retired judges in trying corruption cases.

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  1. My brother had always opined dat nigeria has no shame. Must nigerians hav nigeria community in all countries even countries dat are not supposed to b less developed than a village in lagos?
    ...and our presidol is not even ashame to b talking abt corruption in nigeria in a country like namibia, we ar supposed to b talking abt giving dem aids or strengthening their institutions. MiTCHEWWWWWWWWWWW!

  2. Nigerians in Nambia,Jonathan is lying to u people o,corruption in Nigeria now is far worst than we have ever experience it in d past,infact Jonathan himself is promoting corruption by stealing our money,bribing our pastors,imams,clerics,obas,emirs,igwes.He promote judges,justices in d court 4 them to judge cases in his favour those that refuses to were force either to retirement or suspension,corruption is every where in Nigeria and i will advise u youths to not to come over to Nigeria cause u are coming to suffer bcause unemployment has reach its peak stage in Nigeria and there is hardship every where in Nigeria even just an electric light we don't have in Nigeria,even fuel we have in aboundance is very expensive and scarce as well,so fellow youths in Nambia and all over d world it is better u stay where u are and don't be deceive to come home,if I have d opportunity to travel out,I will do it witout thinking twice.We need a CHANGE in dis country 4 good

  3. Raphael you re mad

  4. Raphael you re mad

  5. Raphael is ok is u dat need the help of a psychiatric Doctor

  6. Is because your relation s nt among d applicant that died.

  7. Only about 5 percent of Nigerians could boast of not being corrupt . Out of that 5 percent 4 are Muslims .out of the 1 percent that are Christians 80 percent of them are women and children. Please judge ur self

  8. The most gullible Nigerian in Namibia , knows that the president is lying. This is not good to our image as a nation. Jonathan is actually promoting corruption. The most salient of these corruption cases is the oil block 246 and the missing $20 million unremited oil revenue. Some of his supporters said that he should steal the money because he is from Niger delta. Then we should put it in our constitution that any president from Niger delta is Free to steal our money without prosecution. Rubbish .

    1. Jona is right in saying corruption is over. He forgot to add THE TOP.
      He wanted to say corruption in Nigeria is over the top.