National Conference Gets Official Website

The organizers of the National Conference have opened a website for the three months event that resumed on Monday in Abuja..The website .. will on a daily basis update Nigerians on all the proceedings.


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  1. The retention of immunity clause in what ever disguise is wrong and can only breed unaccountably in the duties of any incumbent.

    In all the old 13 states (countries) of the EU, there exist no such law that protects the rights of one individual to the detriment of others. Even in countries where they have monarchies, (we must remember that they have constitutional monarchies in some countries in Europe) there can never be a situation where the rights of anyone including the head of state (ie usually the monarch) or the head of government (the prime minister) will supersede the rights of others.

    There is a dictum in the British law which says all laws are made in the name of the queen (or the Monarch) but the queen must never be seen to break her own laws. That is why neither the queen (the head of state) nor the prime minister (the head of government) can be given any exemption from obeying the law. Which is what immunity stands for.

    For a highly respected Dr Junaid Muhammed to have described the President as the Sovereign, shows the level of ignorance that permeate our society about the nature of the democracy which we have all subscribed to practice . Sovereignty can only lie with the people and as exercised by their representatives. In our case only the legislature can give sovereignty as they exist to make laws on behalf of the people. Even in the modern day constitutional hereditary monarchies, it is long been accepted that a monarch only reigns by the consent of the people over whom he/she rules. That was why the queen of England once said " I am your queen a position that I enjoy and have long been prepared to assume, and I shall remain your queen for as long as you want me."

    It is only in the minds of Africans whose past experience have been traumatized by a long history of being ruled by absolute monarchs, and their recent exposure to military regimes (who at best can be described as the alter ego of absolute monarchs) would expect their leaders to enjoy exemptions from the same laws that they are expected to obey.

    In the words of President Rosevelt, " no one is above the law and no one is below it, and no one must be begged to obey the law as it our duty to do so" . By giving anybody any exemptions in whatever shape, form or design to obey our laws which is what immunity stands for is to negate the principles that have long be established by generations of people whose ideas and ideals ( from magna carta 1257 to the present day) gave rise to the liberal democracy we all want to practice.

    President, and Governors and civil servants can serve us more effectively and even better without subjecting the rest of us to a form of modern day slavery or servitude, It is our duty to urge our delegates to expunge in totality all forms of immunity and impunity from our constitution.

    By saying no to the immunity clause can only mean that we are all saying /; Never again must we allow the people we have entrusted with the means to look after us, to turn around and use our consent to enslave us.

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