Sunday, 2 March 2014

Atiku Abubakar Offers Advice On How To Defeat Boko Haram

Former Vice Preident Atiku Abubakar yesterday said that there was the urgent need for a government-backed civilian militia action if the activities of members of Boko Haram must be brought to a halt.

The former VP made a strong call for the use of local militia as the way to tackle the insurgency, saying the time has come where all hands must be on deck, rather than waste energy on trade of blame. “We are all guilty of expending endless energy on handwringing and the trading of blame, none of which is able to save lives or change the status quo,” he said.

Atiku continued: “Boko Haram continues to leave a trail of blood and tears in its wake. On Tuesday February 25, in the early hours of Tuesday February 25, barely six months after a similar attack, a band of murderers invaded the Federal Government College in Buni Yadi, Yobe State, wielding explosives and guns and machetes, slaughtering more than 40 boys in cold blood.
”In light of this, I’ve got some suggestions, focusing on solutions.
First is regarding the use of local militias.
”When the President, in his most recent media chat, spoke about the government’s successes at pushing Boko Haram to the “fringes” of the North-east, it immediately occurred to me that some of the credit for that should go to the ‘civilian JTF’ – the band of youth in and around Maiduguri who have taken it upon themselves to act as a vigilante force to fight Boko Haram.
”I acknowledge that talk of a government-backed civilian militia is a controversial matter, but I do not think that should stop us from debating and seriously considering the matter, including it in our list of possible measures. Especially as we’ve seen it work in flushing the militants out of Maiduguri.

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  1. Correct man , not in APC spirit. God bless. True nigerian


  3. Pure nd sincear sugetion 4rm atiku, I hv beginin to beliv u atiku, dis sugestion will work bt its nt witout consiquences afta d war is over, mind u dis boys will fight agaist bharam bt may bcom somtin else tomoro tomoro.

  4. Good one if ur not part of it

  5. Mr Atiku should know that its those educated illiterate Political leaders from the north who brought sharia that also paved way for BOKO haram which has now gone out of the leaders control that re guilty. By the way, tbe best of Nigeria armed forces are fighting Boko Haram. The issue is that Boko haram has mass support in the area it operates. Boko Haram wants sharia, the northern muslems want sharia. So tell me who's deceiving who or who's feeling the pain most now?

  6. ATIKU is a green snake and we shouldn't be in a haste to fall for his tricks.civilians can still assist without the formal training as that may be another where of training their boys for further attack on Nigeria. If they are genuin in their concern I mean the northen elite they can tell their boys Boko Haram to cease fire but why will they do that when the reason for instigating them is not achieved?they want power back along other demands and they think dispersing the insurgence would make Nigeria give back the power in fear but never possible.the Northern elites are bunch of failures.

  7. Atiku has succeeded in making god his threat of making Nigeria ungovernable. Congrats Atiku and forget about any suggestions. We beg u

  8. Atiku Nigeria hate you with passion but it seems you don't know!APC need you because of your financial support and not that you will be considered a ticket and you also forgot OBJ hates you more than Nigerians.and I hear say you be homosexual and you run things with ikedioha the deputy speaker?

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