Friday, 7 March 2014

APC Unfolds 10 Points Agenda For Nigeria

The All Progressives Congress (APC) Thursday unveiled a 10-Point Roadmap for the nation which it will execute if it emerges the ruling party in 2015.
The party pledged to pursue a free, relevant, quality Education and generate at least 20,000 jobs per state.
It also placed priority on the fight against corruption with zero tolerance for official and or private sector corruption.
The party said it would give independence to Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and other financial crimes agencies.
It however offered to give states the power to own local police forces.
On terrorism, the APC said it would establish a serious crime squad to curtail insurgency nationwide.
The highlights of the roadmap, presented at the Inaugural National Summit of the APC in Abuja, are as follows:
*Create jobs
*Fight corruption
*Free, Relevant Quality Education
*Restore Nigerian Agriculture
*Housing Plan
*Healthcare Plan for Children and Adults
* Social Welfare Plan for the less advantaged
*Build Roads, Power and Infrastructure
*Better Manage Our Natural Resources
*Strengthen Peace, Security and Foreign Policy

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  1. Such cool have been a goodthings to nigerians

  2. Well this manifesto is well though out. It really comes out to what Nigerians want and am very happy that the APC will impement it. We need social welfare for the unemployed and adult, we need infastructure which include good, road, power etc Now the only issue remaining is that APC needs a credible candidate for there presidential election if not they will loose

  3. They are losers already. Can't u see it on their faces? Desperadoes!

  4. They have failed already? Can't u see it on their faces? Desperadoes!!!!

  5. Nothing different

  6. Easier said than done. All of them in dat party are present n past leader,wht hv d contribute to develop dis country in der present positn, or its only when d win d presidential electn dat d 'll start? Abeg APC go n rule d boko haram sect. nt 9ja.

    1. My dear, ask them oooo!

  7. I can even see d once sponsoring d boko haran sect.n d looters of d country funds, der talkn abt stenghten peace n fightn corruptn. May God help dis country.

  8. The 20,000 jobs to be created per state did not specify if that no is per year or the tenure of the party. Let the party also highlight how it intends to finance the projects outside oil in case of any unforeseen unrest in the nigerdelta in the tenure of the party. It is not enough to list agenda but its execution is crucial. Most important factor for the party is the presentation of a credible/acceptable presidential candidate. The party needs to work on this very well before any outing. Best wishes.

  9. Thank God they did not promise fresh breeze.

  10. laff wan kill me die.....10 point agenda indeed...which one did there leader tinubu do in lagos when he was govt? increase touts, lawlessnes, increased street parties, indicipline of the hightest order, . rubbish set of people.

  11. Easier said than done. My happiness is that Nigerians are wiser now.

  12. D devil we know is beta Dan d angle apc we ve not teste

  13. JOSEPH CHUKWUMA .A.7/3/14 3:41 pm

    we will know how serious the are as a party when the time for choosing their flag bearers for the presidency and vice comes.
    Will the give Nigerians the calibre of progressive individuals we have been yearning for?Eg: Nuhu Ribadu and Oby Ezekwesili(This is my individual opinion)
    or will it be the same old hands.

  14. Politicians re all thesame. They always promise 2 give out what they don't have, empty barrels

  15. APC pls accept my condolences, looters of the nations treasury, task masters, haters of the citizenry, u have assembled ur champions once again to kill and destroy from where u stopped, vengeance has come upon you, having past presidents, vice presidents, governors etc in your midst without a good account of his/her stewardship to this country, and u have the got to open ur smelling mouths to promise this country heaven on earth? very very sorry for all of you, it is my very pleasure to commiserate with you, nigeria and nigerians are now ten years wiser than before, we will see ur end on this highway of self destruction, continue ur jouney, bravooooo!!!!!

  16. Nigerians are eager for change and this change is inevitably imminent. Jonathan has clearly shown that if this country is alowed ro remain under him beyond 2015 , then we are in trouble.