Saturday, 18 January 2014

Nasir El Rufai Denies Berating Bola Tinubu

Mallam Nasir El Rufai has refuted the claim that he said he cannot be under Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu in the APC
Here is his reply:
“This morning we left Lagos with General Muhammadu Buhari to pay a visit to my father Kabiyesi, The Awujale of Ijebuland and was off the Internet all day. On return to Lagos in the evening, I read a disturbingly pathetic email from Daniel Elombah.

A false fabrication of Jonathanian disinformation has been circulating about something I was supposed to have said....(when, where?) about 'control of the APC'. It is false for so many reasons as you will see below.

APC belongs to all Nigerians that choose to enrol as it's members, and who will own and control it in the end....we are NOT like the PDP.......thank you....

Below is the email exchange with the first person to draw my attention to it. It is arrant nonsense! And in future, anything posted on seedy sites like Naijapundit and their surrogates set up by the PDP to misinform Nigerians and the world should be scrutinized very closely.........Nasir

On 17 Jan 2014, at 15:41, elombah daniel <> wrote:


Someone sent this to me....but I don't believe you actually said it.


"APC control war; El'rufai's statement on Tinubu; "I cannot be under Tinubu in a party, he is beneath me, I was in charge of BPE and organized how this country will get on its feet. I was minister and at the same time an integral part of the economic team of this country, where decisions about the whole country were taken; while I was doing that at federal level, Tinubu was a governor in a single state. I'm a nationalist. Tinubu is a regionalist. We gave him the platform to come to national level. He cannot tell us what to do in APC, we will tell him what is obtainable"------ Mallam Nasiru El'rufai"

Daniel Elombah

From: Nasir El-Rufai
Sent: Friday, 17 January 2014 20:45
To: elombah daniel

Subject: Re: Someone sent this to me...

Just seeing this.....been traveling all day and not near my iPad.....this is nonsense Daniel, and you know it. Asiwaju and my humble self have a long relationship of mutual respect and brotherhood, even when we were in different political camps.

Furthermore, I neither speak nor write like the fraudsters attempted to portray. I never comment on, or boast about my time in the BPE or the FCT. My record is there and I have written a book on that. And in that book, have expressed my opinions about many political and public figures.

Read the book and you will find that I led a delegation to Accra of 3G to merge into Asiwaju's AC in April 2010, and therefore have no problem serving under him or anyone for that matter to make Nigeria a better place for our children. This attitude has not changed and will never change.

And if I have such an opinion of such about anyone within the APC or outside, I have the multiple platforms from my Facebook Page, Twitter handle, Sahara reporters, Premium Times, Nigeria Village Square and your to write or speak about it. It will not be some seedy platform or being disseminated by some dodgy PDP apologists!

These words are a sheer fabrication by morally-bankrupt Jonathanians aimed at causing inter-personal frictions in our party. With nothing constructive to offer Nigerians but snipers, corruption, impunity and insecurity, they seek to destroy the harmony between, and the reputation of those in opposition. God is watching them and will judge in this world and the next.

By the way, I neither spell my first name that way or surname with an apostrophe! These PDP fraudsters and liars should work a little harder next time in their disinformation efforts so it resembles my writing and speaking style. They are trying to cause contrived disaffection within the APC leadership. They will fail again and again.

Nasir El-Rufai”

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  1. dis short fool alwedy pointing fingers to pdp bcos dis is exactly how dirty they play their own it was framed or not i'm sure dat fight among apc members is imminent..its just with time.

  2. I thought so that as sensible as El-Rufai is he will never say such thing except if he was drunk & thank God he is not,it is d devils who are desperate to remain in power but has lost peoples trust & confidence,so they are out desperately to get down their rivals who are getting more popular & famous wit d people but Jonathan & his people are bound to fail

    1. Raph can you give you real name or phone number so that we can pray for you, because you need it,for you don't know what you are doing

  3. U are a fool ELRUFAI , did u not fabricate a kitchen cabinet which never existed during yarauas tenure. Now u are struggling to defend your self. Idiot Allah will punish u and ur APC cohort

  4. Leave Jonathan and PDP out of this. Go and clear yourself with Tinubu.

  5. He is stupid man. Make devil cut his tongue and trow it to his aboki dog to eat. Foolish and liar

  6. Rapheal, may ur days be long 4 u 2 see d goodness of pdp n jona 2 dis con3 come 2 pass under president jona n pdp, u n apc have bad hinden agenda 2ward dis con3 but God will not allow dey evils intention come 2 pass. By Dec 31 2014, all d enemies of dis gr8 nation Including u Raphael if u fail 2 hv a change of mind, only God know wat will u n ur evil counterpart reward. Piece most return 2 dis land in Jesus name amen

  7. If u're talking about desperate then its apc who're seeking power by all means,its obvious dat even a blind can see it.GEJ cant b intimidated by cheap politicians whom som of them were arrested in Anambra state in d proces of rigging elections.

  8. APC is Muslim party Christians shuld beware! Thier leaders ar religious bigot. Buhari once said dat muslims shuld vote for muslim n Christians shuld vote for christians.Tinubu handed over to his muslim brother and Muslims ar in control of key positions in lagos state and in APC. Christians shine ur eyes!!! They want 2 Islamatise nigeria but God wil nt giv them d chance.

  9. Wat does d so called xtians in power hv to show for d Trust christ gav them? Xtians at d helm of affairs ar actually d ones championing CORRUPTiON. They are meant to be light in d midst of darkness. Wake up mate, tell d xtians in power to show good example

  10. Why does Raphael comment only the publication is against Jonathan or PDP? I believe we should be objective in our comments and not speak like stereotype robots made only to talk as programmed by our makers....if the politicians think Nigerians are foolish we should let them we also have functional brains...
    PDP or APC for me are just different brands of corrupt and selfish politicians... What we need is a total and complete revolution like jerry Rawlings did in Ghana...away with the old
    We deserve better in Nigeria

  11. This useless boy caled Rpheal always talking like a fool

  12. It is ur father dat is a fool not Rpheal,u guys are so stupit why can't u mind ur person.fuckin igbos nd bastard niger delta

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  14. All of them are corrupt politician , I pray dat God will clear all of them as an example of revolution dat came to ghana ,

  15. If tinubu dose not quaulify , then how could he have elect fashola who have made lagos a small england now. Nigerian make una know d true person oooooooo

  16. These mumu Moslems, u pipo always fighting like boko haram. Even d few of u dat can read & write

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