Saturday, 18 January 2014

I Am Not Dead..Ras Kimono

Rumba Style master,Ras Kimono has come out to deny the rumours making the rounds that he is dead.
Ras,who spoke to CKN Nigeria this morning from his base in Lagos,said he is healthy and has no traces of common malaria talkless of being sick .
He asked his fans across the globe to discard the dangerous rumour which made the rounds on some blogs few days ago about his demise.
According to him,the rumour came to him as a shock as many of his fans who read the devilish stories consistently bombarded him with phone calls, text messages, emails and via all his social media handles.
Hear him “CKN , this (death news ) came to me as a rude shock, i don’t know what the peddlers of this rumour were out to achieve. I have not been sick, i am in Nigeria going about my legitimate business, making my fans happy with my music. Why would anyone wish me death.Kindly tell all my fans that i am cool and kicking..Aren’t in a hurry to leave bro (he jokingly said)”.
Ras Kimono is one of the living legends in the Nigerian entertainment scene. He has remained consistent and has been celebrated over and over again across the globe for his music and contribution to the entertainment industry in Nigeria and Africa.

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  1. Get them sued for broadcasting such horrible news

  2. ignore them man, you are a legend and you caan just die yet.

  3. CKN, 'talkless of' is wrong expression! Get it right; 'let alone'