Friday, 22 November 2013

Yahoo Yahoo Boy Arrested For Defrauding American Couple Of $42,000

Operatives of the Special Fraud Unit, SFU, Milverton Road, Ikoyi, Lagos have arrested a 24-year-old man who posed as a lady to defraud a United States of America couple of $42,497, purportedly  for the purchase of a property in Lagos.The suspect, identified as Olafinraye Adedamola, admitted the offence while being paraded yesterday.
He was said to have connived with a Malaysian lady to defraud the couple. The Malaysian lady, according to him, was his Facebook friend, adding that he had intended to use the money to further his studies in a tertiary institution.

How he was arrested

Explaining how the  artisan who trained in aluminum works was arrested, spokesperson for the unit, Ngozi  Isintume-Agu, a Deputy Superintendent of Police, said: “An intelligence report dated September 24, 2013 from Nigerian Financial Intelligence Unit (NFIU), Abuja addressed to the Commissioner of Police, Special Fraud Unit (SFU)  alleged that one Olafinraye Adedamola opened a USD Domiciliary Account No. 273/6980678251/0 with the Demurin, Ketu, Lagos Branch of Sterling Bank Plc and through suspicious circumstances, cumulative sum of USD 42,497 was paid into the account by unsuspecting victims abroad between August 13, 2013 and September 16, 2013.

 “The suspected illicit inflows were followed by immediate cash withdrawals by the suspect who appeared to have no known affiliation with the international depositors.
“SFU operatives swung into action and investigation carried out on the domiciliary account revealed that $18,129.92 is still left in the account and a lien was immediately placed on the account.
“The suspect was traced to his house at 7, Agidi Road, Oshogun, Alapere, Ketu, Lagos but he evaded police arrest and his father, a proprietor of a moribund driving school, feigned ignorance of his son’s whereabouts. However, the fleeing suspect was later apprehended by the Police.
“Olafinraye Adedamola who posed as a lady named Janet was born in 1989 in Kosofe LGA Ketu, Lagos.
“An artisan who trained in construction of aluminum but currently a driving instructor in his father’s moribund driving school located in Ketu, Lagos claimed he met a Nigerian at a conference in Malaysia who introduced him to the victim who requested that he purchased property for him in Nigeria which was the basis for the disbursement of the money into his account and that he had already bought a building at Ogba, Ikeja for N4 million and that the documents were with him.”

I intended to further my studies with the money— Suspect

Adedamola who noted that this was his first attempt, said he first met the couple on Facebook and in the course of their discussion, booked for a meeting in Malaysia.
According to him; “I posed as Janet on the Facebook, using a white woman’s photograph. I told the couple that I was an estate manager and convinced them to buy property in Lagos.
“Since they have not been to Nigeria, they asked us to meet elsewhere and when I stumbled on a business conference that was holding in Malasia, I booked the meeting.
“On reaching Malaysia, I told a Facebook lady friend to pose as Janet after telling her what to say. That was how the deal was struck and they paid the dollar equivalent of N3.4 million into my account. I intended to use the money to further my studies because I am determined to be a graduate. I used part of the money to travel again to Malaysia for leisure in August.
“My regret is that I was caught at the end because I used my genuine data to open the account. I guess it was because it is my first time.”
The suspect, according to Isintume-Agu, will be charged to court.

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  1. fair enough the young thief is charged to court. Where are the politicians who defrauded Nigeria of millions of $ where are they? funny country.

    1. the guy not better better than those eating what is meant to be used in building this nation?

  2. U beta set dis fast guy free n face dose criminal @ aso rock wo r eating both our money n time without anybody to challenges dem

  3. Dis is 9ja for, allways in supot of criminals. May God help our ignorance

  4. These guys are spoiling the name of Nigeria the more. Making things worst for the innocent Nigerians. Idiot, God don catch you.

  5. My people the country no be am.if u c way help urself.

  6. This Guy is an Amateur in Doing Gee..First, Why did he open an Account for Gee with his real data.....Had it been he used a fake mandate to open this account, He can never be caught in this life......Secondly, to be very frank, Nothing will happen to him, They police will make sure they share the money half and then released him....He is not going to any jail sentenced, because the Nigerian Constitution Did Not Stipulate Internet Fraud Activity, So the matter should be settled Amicably, He will just Pay some charger for his Laxity any he will go free......Am talking of experience cos am one of dey happen.....

  7. 80% of worker in 9ja depend on yahoo boyz, bankers, police all depend on gee guys.. well there is no point of arresting the young guy because they are helping the country

  8. Oyibo came and extorted us years ago and now we are on the mission of getting what we had lost, is it a crime? As far as am concerned, they still owe us balance and we have to get it all from them. Gee is better than armed robbery, guy enter street joor!

  9. I hope all you scamming Nigerian niggers die. The world is catching up to you! I am part of a group of scam baiters and we like to waste your time and make you look stupid! We laugh at how desperate you are and how much you WISH you had a good life like we do. Pathetic pieces of garbage you are. You are an insult to the good people in your country, if there are any left and you make the world HATE Africa!

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