Thursday, 3 October 2013

Groups Pick Hole In Composition Of National Conference Committee

The   Project Nigeria Conscientious Group has  questioned the rationale behind the appointment of Senator Femi Okurounmu as the committee  chairman.
As the group kicked, two others faulted the composition of the  committee, saying it was not representative.
The PNCG, in its reaction on Wednesday, said that appointing  Okurounmu as chairman of the committee, might amount to an embarrassment to Nwabueze.
The  Secretary-General of the group, Mr. Wale Okunniyi, told one of our correspondents on the telephone   that  if the Federal Government had consulted well, Nwabueze ought to been made the head of the committee.
Okunniyi said, “If they had consulted, Prof.  Nwabueze should be the chair of the committee. If he has to play a role in the committee, he has to be the chair.
“Though Okurounmu is emminently qualified and he is our own, he understands the issues. However when both Okurounmu and Nwabueze are under the same roof to discuss the issue of national question, you know what is right.
“So if that is not intended to embarrass Nwabueze, then you know what is right and what is right in this case is that Nwabueze should preside over the discussion.”
He  said despite the development, Nwabueze, would not reject the appointment as a member of the committee.
He added that the Senior Advocate of Nigeria , who is  still abroad, might not return to the country until after the swearing-in of the members of the committee.
“Prof.   Nwabueze is  scheduled to return to the country on the 11 but the swearing-in is to take place on the 7,”  Okunniyi added.
He  stated that the PNCG which is led by Nwabueze  had done “the most profound research” on the national conference, adding that  it already had five models of how it could be conducted.
Okunniyi added, “Project Nigeria Conscientious Group  is the body that has done the most profound research on the national question in the last two years. The group has come up with five models with which you can conduct a national conference within the ambit of the existing law.  We don’t intend to rock the boat. We are not quarelling with Okurounmu, he is our own, he understands the issue;  he is qualified but when you put both of them in one room, Nwabueze must take precedence.
“In the actual conference, he should chair it because he  understands the issues  better.   If it must hold, Nwabueze is the most authoritative person that can chair it.
“This is good because we have to do damage control. If they had consulted us,  we would have told them what to do. We want this thing to  succeed and we are going to make sacrifice for it to succeed. We are not going to criticise them too much; we are going to encourage them.
A member of the committee, Col. Tony Nyiam (retd), however, said they  would  take  the assignment with the highest sense of responsibility.
“This is not the time to talk. It is the time to work. We know that we have a very important responsibility before us. We pray that Nigerians will judge us based on our work,” he said.
Nyiam, who was part of an attempt to overthrow Gen. Ibrahim Babangida’s regime, added that he was glad to be a part of those planning the national dialogue under a civilian government.
He said there was the need for Nigerians to determine how they want to co-exist and to encourage the country’s diversity and promote its unity.
The Director, CCM of the University of Jos, Prof. Audu Gambo, and  the Executive Director,  Christian Foundation for Social Justice and Equity, Mr. Joseph Sangosanya, both  faulted the composition of the advisory committee.
Gambo and Sangosanya, in separate interviews with one of our  correspondents on Wednesday,  said  though the idea of a national dialogue was a welcome development, it should be done in such a manner as not  to raise any suspicion about the intention of government.

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  1. What are those critcs talking abt one heading n d other been under,is it not an appointment were they not d one dat said mr Okurounmu qualified 4 d position?Pls they shud say som better tins

  2. Yoruba Ronu. Nobody is representing ur inteerest in that committee. It wwas planned like that. Thhey knew that u will not talk untill too late when u have been given 'foodless "flat " plate' . Nighati won ba ti gbe yin sori okun toilet roll paper.... Won't u act now?