Friday, 6 September 2013

Rochas Revokes Doctor's Land For Truncating Abortion Law

Imo State government has visited its anger on the Chairman, Association of Catholic Medical Practitioners of Nigeria, Dr. Phillip Njemanze, who blew the whistle on the obnoxious abortion law foisted on the citizenry by Rochas Okorocha’s administration.
Already, Dr. Njemanze’s plot of land meant for the building of a N50 billion modern specialist hospital in Owerri has allegedly been revoked by the state government.
Investigation revealed that the 5.5-hectare piece of land, where construction work started before Okorocha’s administration came on board, has been taken over by the state government.
Confirming this ugly development in Owerri, Dr. Njemanze said the land, which has Certificate of Occupancy Number 46 Page 46, Volume 308, assigned to Chidicon Medical Centre, and was situated in Plot C, Parcel B, Naze Road and New Naze Industrial Layout.
“Since I broke the news on the abortion law foisted on Imo people by the state government, the Director of Lands was ordered to revoke the land for the construction of new mega hospital complex,” Njemanze said.

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  1. Kingsley Onos6/9/13 12:10 pm

    Talking abt dictatorship!so our own highly respected Okorocha is a dictator?

  2. He is an Anti Christ, if u were aborted by ur mother would u have become a governor.mteeeeeeeee